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24th Jul 2023

๐Ÿ”ฎ Bold Premier League Predictions SHOCK Fans! ๐Ÿš€ Brighton for Top-4? ๐Ÿ˜ฒ | Arsenal Crowned Kings? ๐Ÿ‘‘"

Hang onto your seats, football fanatics!

๐Ÿ’บ๐Ÿ”ฅ This explosive episode of the "Squeaky Bum Time" podcast with host Laurent Corteens will have your jaws on the floor!

๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ’ฅ Laurent takes us on a wild ride, discussing pre-season activities, highlighting earth-shattering player transfers, and their game-changing impacts!

๐Ÿ‘€๐ŸŒ Can Brighton REALLY seal a top-4 spot?

๐Ÿ† Is Arsenal's time to reign finally here with Declan Rice on board?

๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ Find out more as we break down the top six, call out teams needing massive overhauls, and deliver some daring predictions!

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0:00:00 - Premier League Pre-Season and Top Four

0:04:48 - Arsenal Player Selection and Goalkeeper Analysis (59 Seconds)

0:11:26 - Premier League Transfers and Player Movements


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Hello and welcome to the Squeaky Bum Time Podcast, presented exclusively on the CHOP Sports channel of the Premier Streaming Network. We are recording this on Monday, july 24th. I am your host, laurent Cortines. In this episode we will go through some of the pre-season results of all the Premier League teams around the world. Big transfers go through every team. Give some highlight, players that are coming in and my early top four predictions. First, please like, share and subscribe to show. Please check us out on with my buddy, chris. We're on another channel now doing co-host duties on top football FC Good times. I'll put those into the links as well so you can check us out there. We're gonna be there twice a week and do this show on Sunday nights, so let us get into it.

Okay, where do we wanna start? I'm gonna start with my top four. I just think that everyone cares about that. What's going on? This is all preliminary. This is all based on the transfers we know now, but based on what players have come and gone, based on what we know historically, based on XG and analysis and checking I mean a nerd I'm gonna give my top four Starting in fourth place.

I believe that we will have a mega upset in our hands and the great and powerful Brighton will finish in the top four behind Deserby. It's gonna shock the whole world. I completely and 100% believe in this team. They're making all the right moves. I know it sounds insane, but if I'm right on this, I am a goddamn genius. So, brighton, make the top four. In third place, I will give the great and powerful Liverpool a chance to bounce back into their rightful slot. I just think that they are gonna get there. They're gonna push themselves in. They're gonna be the ones who find a way back into that top three.

In second place, my beloved Manchester City will not win four titles in a row. Too much change, too hard to do. No historical precedent to win four in a row. It just can't be done. If Alex Ferguson hadn't done it. If there's 150 years of Premier, of top flight football in England, no one has won four in a row, why should Manchester City do it? It can't be done, it won't be done and it will not be this city side. It's too hard to come back after winning all those league titles and I will give the great and powerful Arsenal Football Club a league title.

It just looks like the way teams build the Declan Rice signing was a huge statement of intent $110 million moving out Shaka. The right things are happening. They need a lot of luck, a lot of luck, but they're going through the normal steps. They had the top four where they blew it in finishing fifth. Then they have the chance to make it to the league and they need to run out of gas. Now they're ready. Now they're gonna push. Now they've had to battle City. City are already diminished.

Could this be McKellar, teta and Arsenal's chance? So that is my top four Arsenal, city, liverpool and Brighton, with Manchester United and Newcastle finishing out that top six. An incredible, incredible season. Chelsea and Spurs going to have to build themselves back up. I know Brighton is the wild card, but the numbers tell me that Brighton will be a top four team. How's that? That's a take. Right, that's a take.

Okay, let us kick on into the transfer window. Then we'll go into the summer games. I wanna go through every club because I think that there's a lot of players that are moving on other teams that people don't really know about, and we're gonna do it alphabetical so no one thinks I'm being a dick. For Arsenal, they bring in Kai Heberts for 65 million pounds and Deccan Rice, that's 165 million, just right there. And Jury and Timber a ball playing center back so that they don't have the problems again. They'll have Gabrielle, they'll have Saliba and now they'll have Timber, who I'm assuming can move around. He's not a powerful player, but he's a ball player. And they say goodbye to their captain, granite Jacka. No one else on the leaving list Tabor Amari hasn't been around for a long time. Maite Lanile's released after years of service, been on loan a few times. Hopefully he finds a new home.

But this is the statement of intent for Arsenal Deccan Rice in that base and midfield to partner with Fifth Party sometimes or to replace him, and then Kai Heberts to be an up and down player who can now play in a more suitable position. So he's going to have the two eighths with OdaGuard and Hivert playing in those channels with Declan Rice holding them. Maybe sometimes he'll play two and play one out. The issue I do see is I'm not sure about Gabriel. J Zous Martinelli is a good finisher, saka is a good finisher. It's Gabriel who's the weak link and I do, after watching the games this week, worry tremendously about Ramsdale. I don't feel like he's a winning goalkeeper. But if I don't have City winning league, I don't know who else is going to win, so I chose Arsenal.

Aston Villa have a great window. They bring in Pau Torres from Villarreal and Spain International in defense. Big man very difficult to pry those players away. And Musa Diabe, a tricky winger, played great for Labour Cousin. I'm just going to bring up Diabe's numbers just really quickly. There's just a level of trust that I have with Unai Emery that whatever players and now they have Monchi, who is the architect of building Vigia, in the comparable players list to Musa Diabe, who had been playing in Evercousin the first player that shows up as a comparable player is Mohamed Salah. If they have Mohamed Salah on their team, it is going to be a big deal.

He was 9-8 last year for Labour Cousin. The year before that, 13-12. This is a productive player about a goal and an assist every other game, if not more. The 13-12 was probably more of an outlier, but this is an incredible player. Underperformed his XG just a little bit, so maybe his finishing needs a little bit to be desired, but for Villa this is a killer player. He's going to do great for them.

Short, tricky winger, going to get a lot done for Villa. He'll work there and then we know about Paul Torres. He'll probably push one of Konza or what's the other defender's name that plays for Villa. I don't know why I can't remember anyone's name. Right now I'm not in the full state of Aston Villa mode. Tyrone Ming's out of the position I'm sure Emery's like can I have someone actually play? There's that leaving the team. Ashley Young many years. He still continues. Marvelous Takamba, a name we might know, but he moves on to Luton For the right and powerful.

Bournemouth, who have fired, if we remember, fired their coach, gary O'Neill, who I loved all season. They bring in Ariola. They signed Romain Favre from Lyon, $12 million. This is a top-notch player in the French League. We're going to find out about Favre. Sometimes these French players don't do really well, but Favre was really good.

I had noted him while I was going through players earlier this season. His most similar players are players like as a midfielder, as a odeguard and then as an attacking, a lower-level attacking player. Really good passer on the ball, five and three in half a season. Really only played 16 games, but a really good player about goal and assist every other game, if not more often. Good, good player from Lyon, only 24 years old, small, diminutive player. Well, not so small, 5'10", not a bad player and a good deal for Bournemouth. They also bring in Justin Clivert from Roma. That's, yes, patrick Clivert's son. And then Hameh Triore from Suaswal. That's what we would know from nowhere else.

I don't know all the other players from players leaving. Jefferson Lerma leaves the central midfield for them, a good player for them, but I'm assuming that Favreau will take his place. He'll go to Crystal Palace on a free, and some other legends of all time, our friend, mr Junior Stanislavs, leaves the team Brentford, bringing a mighty defender from Wolves in Nathan Collins. A really nice move for them. It says here Romeo Beckham, he won't play, he's on the bench, completely unknown. And then a bunch of players I don't know. I would assume Brentford have names of players that are beyond my understanding. Mark Fleakin, from Freiburg, I think he already came in. He's a goalkeeper. I've seen him playing in preseason, not so great, but other guys that we're going to learn about, because Brentford, that's how they do stuff In terms of outs. Pontus Jensen, leaving back to Sweden, going to Malmo, is a player we know. And then Godos, who really never got the burn we really thought he'd get, so he's gone On the Brentford.

On Brighton's side, dahoud we've already seen from Brucia, from Brucia Morsen, god Black playing in the midfield. He has a ready made replacement for McAllister. In the preseason game against Chelsea he was absolutely fantastic. Jau Pedro from Watford two seasons ago he was a 10 goal scorer and James Milner to bring that veteran presence when, invariably, adam Lalani gets injured. Brighton making moves. We already know about their outs. We know about McAllister Lots of players leaving McAllister, specifically a big one, but no one else.

They have a lot of players that they sign and move on from there. For Burnley Newboys, vincent Company's team. They bring in Michael Obafemi. If you remember him a couple years ago, he's a small Irish winger, african, so they're gonna say he's Irish and he's black. Don't get that thrown off. He's a great player, he's Irish all the way. They bring in Dara O'Shea, very nice player, and our friend from Southampton, nathan Redmond, comes to Burnley. I'm sure that you know Vincent Company will find the right thing for him. The big player they signed, though, is James Trafford, hero of the under 20 World Cup for England saving the penalties against Spain. He will be in goal, very likely for Burnley, and they will see good stuff. They probably have tons of work still to do and we're gonna find out what's happening there.

For Chelsea it's the number of outs Havertz, kovaczek, lost of Cheek Mason, mount Pulasik, kulobali, ampadou, mendi, espelakweta, angolo Kante there's more players have left Chelsea than are on Chelsea. So many players leaving makes your heads spin. The big ones coming in are Nkuku and Nicholas Jackson. Nicholas Jackson looked really really good in the pre-season game. Tricky Winger scored nine goals in the back half of the season for Villarreal.

Really really good looking player. Speaks English well, is from Ghana, really nice. We'll see if he can become the striker that they need. You know Pochettino with young players. We saw how he built that Tottenham team. We know what he can do there. Just a fine, fine player, lots of fun. We're gonna learn all about Chelsea. It's gonna be all new players.

There is a weird AC Milan contingent going to from Chelsea to AC Milan. So Loftus G goes to AC Pulasik goes to Milan already there. Oh, tammy Abraham's not at AC Milan, it's. Timore is already there from Chelsea. So a bunch of English speaking players in Italy. Captain Dave Espelakweta goes to Realme, goes to Atlรฉtico. He'll kick people in the shins there. And then Angola. Cante is part of the Exodus going to the Saudi Saudi League, not Audi.

And one important thing the longest serving player on the Chelsea books, over 10 years as a Chelsea player, baba Ramon, finally leaves to Pauk in Greece. I bet you didn't know it was Baba Ramon. Anyway, he's out as well. Palace so far not done much, like I said, just Jair first and Lerma. Big news for them the great and powerful Wilford Zaha has left the club. I think it's sad. He's going to the Schick test. I think that hurts the Premier League. There's something really comforting about continuity with certain players you think of so pretty sad times. Also, we'll say goodbye to James MacArthur, say goodbye to Lukav Milovoyevich, so some players that have been part of the Crystal Palace side in their time in the Premier League. But the Premier League waits for no one. It's a tough league. You can't be sentimental. And off. He goes For Everton.

They still don't have a striker, but they do have Ashley Young I don't understand it from Aston Villa. And they do finally close the deal for Arnard D'Anjuma, the tricky, tricky winger on loan from Villareal. Some players that they love that are now gone Jerry Mina gone. Tom Davies released, sims moves on to Coventry. So some players that were part of their resurgence, mina just could never stay injured. Davies was just a young guy who ran and never really broke into the team. So they thank them for their contributions but they are gone.

Fulham not much to add so far. They do add I'm pretty sure Jimenez sorry, who's the striker? I guess it's Jimenez yeah, from Wolves who cracked the skull, he comes into the team, maybe as a replacement for Mitrovich. There's a lot of turmoil in Fulham. There was a $40 million two-year offer for or the coach who does end up staying at Fulham, and then Mitrovich threatens to leave. He's upset that he's not allowed to leave. I'm sure he just wants to get paid. Marco Silva, the man leaving the money on the table. In terms of players leaving not really much there. Shane Duffy, of former Brighton fame, leaves the team. He didn't really play much. Not really many other players.

Liverpool up, we're up to L. They bring in McAllister and Silva's eye to create that new midfield where they're gonna try and copy the double eights scene. We know about Milner leaving Oxley, cheney, berlin leaving, firmino leaving Bunch of classics. They let Calvalio, who I loved last season on loan to Leipzig. I guess he just wasn't ready yet. Reese Williams also goes.

I'm sure there's players to bring in, but in terms of signings, just McAllister and Silva's eye Probably gonna still be looking for a defenseman or they'll try and see something from within. There are a lot of good players that Liverpool has. Klopp has been known to find a player, so we'll see what happens there. Then Newboys, lutentown they bring in Tasif Chang, who is at Birmingham. Former United player, mads Anderson from Barmley, maverilus Nakamba he have the arm bands. So just a bunch of players that they're just gonna try and hang on. So, lutentown, we're gonna learn all about them.

We have Manchester City. We thought that they had just go from from Leipzig Guardiol, but apparently that deal has not been done. We'll see what is going on with Guardiol. He's supposed to be that super center back that comes in and sort of shakes City up. We know about Kovacic he's in, but a lot of players going out, you know. We know about Ilkar Gundogan, the not guilty. Benjamin Mendi released Liam DeLapp on loan. Just a lot of players that are kind of come and go for City. Not too much here.

Ontus, united, united bring in Mount and Onana, big, big moves, and Johnny Evans, if they let him stay, mount will be another body in the midfield, allows them to play with Fernandez and Mount in the midfield, with Casamiro running deep Spell, some of Ericsson, so a lot of teams. Finding these attacking box-to-box midfielders, these double eight things that Pep has been doing now, from Silva and De Bruyne to Gundogan and De Bruyne to Odegaard and Chaka, the idea of two number eights that are in the half spaces, that go up and down, up and down, bolstering midfields, bolstering attacks. You get the four-man attack up front. Sometimes five really makes a difference, but they have to go up and down. Mason Mount can do that all day. And then Onana is a transformative goalkeeper for United. May not be the shot-stopper that De Heia is, but he's gonna come for the ball, he's gonna play the ball, he's gonna give them a dynamism in attack and in buildup that United just don't understand what it's like to have a keeper who doesn't suck. It's gonna be shocking to them. And then Johnny Evans is just training while he tries to find a new job. I think United should actually keep Johnny Evans. They need him.

In terms of outs, we know about De Heia, phil Jones finally out, alex Telaz decides to go to Saudi League. So we won't see him and his scar anymore. But you know those are the big ones are De Heia he's out Newcastle bringing Harvey Barnes and Tonelli they're ready to go to war and Alaw Aynia, who had been in the league earlier. A bunch of players coming in, but they do let Chris Wood go, who came in as part of the first striker they had. He goes to Forest. And then Maddie Longstaff, sean Longstaff's brother, the ginger, who had a good time for a little bit, just never really good enough, but it was always good to have a hometown boy on the team. Barnes will compete in the same maximum spot, probably can do the same thing without the same fun for a black and a better word. And then Tonelli becomes a partner for Bruno in the midfield, probably replaced Longstaff, and eventually, in the long run, forest.

Not much going on from Forest, just Chris Wood. They had so many players come in last year. The only thing there is we see Jack Colback and Jesse Lingard leave Forest, along with Andre IU. So some players who came in during the season and now leave. They never really played, not a big deal. Oh, and I had forgotten Sheffield United. We're now part of the league so they haven't brought in much either. Nothing to talk about, just a French player, larouche, triore and Slamani Slamani, we know from back in the day, just trying to redo their team. Enda Stevens we might know about from their previous time, billy Sharp finally leaving the team all-time leader.

And then we get on to Tottenham. They finish and finally sign Kuleshevsky, they bring in Madison, they've got Vakaro and then Manar Solomon comes in. So I think really their off-season is going to be contingent on whether Harry Kane comes or goes and then how much time they have to replace him. They may just wait Harry Kane out and be like, well, you're playing, that's that. But they do say goodbye to Lucas Mora and Harry Winx. Harry Winx going down with Lester to play midfield there.

And then West Ham have not brought anyone in. The big thing is they have let their top boy, declan Rice, go for a hundred and five million have yet to spend the money. But they have also let Lanzini go, finally after many, many years. And then Wolves have brought in. Oh, I think Dordi left. Yeah, nothing here for them. Connor Cody finally leaves. Nacin Collins, they sell to Brentford. Like I said, their big loss is Ruben Neves going to Al-Hilal. I am concerned for Wolves without Ruben Neves, they lose a ton.

When we go through our previews we will discuss the pain there, okay. Okay, let us review some preseason, some preseason football. Just there is a. Some teams are in Asia I think Spurs are in Australia, city are in Japan, united are here in the States, but not part of the Premier League tour, and then there's a group of Premier League teams that are being broadcasts with NBC. So yesterday we had a doubleheader of New Castle. I just have to see if I can find those scores. Okay, let's see. Let's see what we get here. Yeah, yeah, we've got a bunch. Yesterday 4-4,. Liverpool tied Gryther Fruth they're saying Gryther Fruth, I think they're staying in Germany just playing a local side.

City defeat Yokohama Marinas 5-3,. Good match for City. First half a little disjointed, some mistakes from some of the younger guys. But Holland comes on scores two goals. City were down 2-0 in this game. Some high line problems, or Teja made a mistake at the back, so a little sloppy early. But then City came into the game. Nice goals all around, john Stones with an amazing finish. And then there was supposed to be Spurs vs Leicester. That game was postponed.

The Premier League Summer Series Fulham 3-2 vs Brentford At the Link in Philadelphia and Newcastle 3, aston Villa 3,. Amazing games up and down. First half for Aston Villa they completely dominated Newcastle, who were trying to do something new with a 3-4-3, didn't work, had to go back to their 4-3-3, and were able to come back into that game. Amazing, amazing game. The two games in Philadelphia are fantastic Fulham 3-2, brentford. Really a lot of contention, a lot of fight, a lot of really fun, good stuff with teams fighting, giving each other the business, a lot of extra stuff.

Arsenal have already played five games, their most recent game losing 2-0 to man United. This is where I got my issues with Ramsdale two really bad goals. United were better in the first half. Second half Arsenal just couldn't play. The pitch was a mess, couldn't really get things done, couldn't really do what they wanted to, couldn't really move around. And then earlier in the show we talked that Arsenal had an easy game versus the MLS All-Stars, who are not an All-Star team. They're about as All-Stars as me and my friends playing Sunday football. So Arsenal have getting a lot of games under their belt. They still have to play Barcelona in LA Monaco and then Community Shield against City on August 6th. So that's really the kickoff of the season. It's coming soon. It's coming fast, it's coming, it's coming, it's coming, looking forward to it.

Brentford like I said, they still have to play Breit Breit and Anaston Villa in the summer series. Brighton still have Newcastle to come at Red Bull Arena. Burnley are on the road, just played Gank and then they play in Spain at Real Betis. Chelsea played Wrexham. They beat them pretty good but it was a fun game in the first half and then they had an amazing Barnburner also at Lincoln Field the night the day before against Brighton 4-3, lots of fun stuff there. Brighton doing their Brighton things they go down a man and still come back. Luckily for Chelsea, they were up four games to one, fred, but they still have to play Newcastle and Fulham all in that summer series before they round out their week against Dortmund in Chicago. Crystal Palace are just hanging out in the UK. They're playing the Miliarios in Chicago, sevilla in Detroit and then come home. For Lyon.

Everton don't seem to be going anywhere because they don't have any money. Fulham part of that summer series. Liverpool will be heading to Singapore to play Leicester, so they'll be doing their Asian tour a little bit of a tougher run for them. I feel bad for the teams that have to go to Asia. It's just a bad idea. It's so goddamn far away. It's so crazy cities is not so crazy. They're going to play four games. Going to play Bayern, probably in Tokyo. That's probably when Kyle Walker will just go to the other side and just go. They'll probably make the deal right then. Then they play Athletico in Seoul with their upcoming Community Shield against Arsenal in August.

United are just money making machine. They're playing. You wanna know how many games United are playing one, two, three, eight pre-season games. Somebody need money, disgusting, or they're just the biggest draw. So I'm going to this game with John Santana July 26th. We're going to see Wrexham play Manchester United. Then they go to Houston play Real Madrid, then Dortmund and Vegas Are they trying to melt their team? Then come home, play Reigns and then in Dublin, athletico, bill Bow, again Newcastle a part of the summer series. Nottingham Forest I don't know who's going to see Nottingham Forest and then Spurs, already post-ponigame, playing the Lion City Sailors in Singapore. That sounds like a bunch of fun guys. The Lion City Sailors gonna be fun. Then Wolves I don't know what they're up to, I don't know what West Ham are up to either. They're staying home. They'll finish their pre-season against Labour Cousin. It's so funny to look at these schedules of what everyone's doing for the pre-season and it's just random. They just kind of play where they play.

I was reading lists not exactly the best content for a show, but that's how I do things. It's still pre-season for me. I've been working with Chris on his show, so I will get the exact information. I gotta make sure I know exactly what this stupid show's called. Top FC. Yes, topfccom. Is that what it's called? Topfcnewscom? There we go. Sorry, chris, topfcnewscom. That's where I've been doing more shows and I'll try and do this show on Sundays and that'll be that Cause I'm out of practice, out of sorts, and I'm gonna wrap this one up and get these shows to be better as I go along. That was the Squeaky Bum Time podcast with Laurent Cortines. We are the football wing of the Chopsports channel and presented exclusively by the Premier streaming network. We'll be recording on Sundays, so be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts so you never miss an episode. And if you're listening on Apple, please rate and review the show, because it makes a huge difference. And thank you.

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