Episode 227

Published on:

13th Feb 2023

Episode #227 - Arsenal and Manchester City Face Off in the Game of the Season! PLUS FULL Matchweek 23 Review

On this episode of The Squeaky Bum Time Podcast, host Laurent Courtines breaks down all the thrilling action from Week 23 of the Premier League. Laurent gives his ULTIMATE TAKES on VAR and why as FANS we DEFEND OUR CLUBS.

Here's a rundown of what's in store:

-Arsenal vs Brentford:

  • Controversial 1-1 draw at home for Arsenal
  • Ivan Toney scores for Brentford
  • VAR takes center stage

-Manchester City vs Aston Villa:

  • City wins 3-1 at home
  • Close in on league leaders Arsenal
  • Preview of the highly anticipated Man City vs Arsenal match

-Manchester United vs Leeds United:

  • United continues hot form with 2-0 win
  • Goals from Marcus Rashford and Alejandro Garnacho
  • Move up to 3rd place in the league

-Liverpool vs Everton:

  • Important win for Liverpool in the Merseyside Derby
  • 2-0 victory moves Liverpool up to 9th place
  • Everton still in relegation zone

-Bournemouth vs Newcastle:

  • 1-1 draw spoils Eddie Howe's return

-Leicester City vs Tottenham:

  • Leicester wins 4-1 and keeps Spurs outside top 4

Chelsea vs West Ham:

  • 1-1 draw continues struggles for Chelsea
  • Joao Felix opener for Chelsea
  • West Ham just above relegation zone

-Southampton vs Wolves:

  • Southampton loses 2-1 despite Wolves being down to 10 men
  • Nathan Jones loses job after match
  • Southampton still bottom of the league

-Brighton vs Crystal Palace:

  • 1-1 draw marked by VAR issues
  • Brighton impressively in 6th place
  • Fulham vs Nottingham Forest:
  • Fulham wins 2-0 in another impressive performance
  • Level on points with Brighton in 7th place


00:00 Introduction

01:15 VAR Overview

04:32 Mad about referee? It's about you.

06:20 Why we defend our clubs. In the trenches with City.

08:45 Match week 23 scores and review

10:45 Arsenal vs Brentford review

15:25 On the VAR call v Arsenal

17:35 City wins 3-1 at home v Aston Villa

22:00 Arsenal v Manchester City

24:45 Merseyside Derby - Liverpool 2-0 Everton

30:30 United win the home and home. Manchester United 2-0 Leeds United

34:35 Bournemouth 1-1 Newcastle United

36:15 Relegation Zone Review

38:16 Leicester wins 4-1 and keeps Spurs outside top 4

42:45 West Ham 1-1 draw continues struggles for Chelsea

45:30 Southampton 1-2

48:55 Crystal Palace 1-1 Brighton

52:00 Fulham wins 2-0 in another impressive performance

55:05 Champions League IS BACK!! Spurs v AC Milan.


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hello and welcome to the squeaky bum Time Podcast presented exclusively on


the chop Sports channel of the premiere streaming Network we're recording this on Monday February 13th tomorrow's


Valentine's Day make sure you get things for your ladies I am your host Laura cortees


the merseyside darpi Liverpool or back Arsenal entering early squeaky bum time


and Man United Title contenders again maybe not but first my two favorite


things in the whole world VAR and City slander let us get to it


but first housekeeping please like share subscribe


to the show it means everything to us I'm appreciative of all you people who watch the show


Tony Mike John Manny Dimas Christian


everyone who listens to the show I appreciate you on a regular basis uh BJ


Mike Salerno of course the legend lives in our minds forever please like and review the show uh first things first


VAR controversies all across the league everywhere all the time uh one in the


Arsenal game where it was a ball into the mixer back and forth in and out back and forth in and out uh they don't use


VAR to check offside because it was taking too long because there was too much going on of course that makes sense


because why have VAR if it's going to take too long and then this a second one


um a handball by Sue check in the West Ham game where suchek puts his arm on the


ground is he offside did he do it on purpose blah blah blah handball they don't call it you've seen them given as


they say and then in the venerable M23 Darby that was a 1-1 draw


Brighton has a shot on goal estupion was fantastic in this game he gets put


through by McAllister they call him offside on what's a perfectly good goal because guess what they drew the off


Sidelines in the wrong place isn't that wonderful uh I know John Santana in our


WhatsApp group is always arguing for VAR and life changes and things change and


we have to accept you know the growth of sport and the growth of everything but


it's not good for sport it's not working it's not working it's not working


we follow sport not for precision but for accuracy and


the referees I don't care what anyone says they're really good they do a great job they actually get these things right


when you think about what's going on who's on the field how it's happening the speed it's happening the fact that


they get anything right is shocking so these guys are the best of the best I don't care you can say no fine or maybe


they're not they're the best in England at least and they get a lot of things right and I


don't think we need VAR honestly people are going to complain about things anyway it seems people are getting them


wrong anyway what is the Point again who is it for why do we have it


what is it there for for whose benefit who is benefiting from this gamblers


fans so that they can say they're doing the right thing TV is it so that people have something to watch on TV I don't


understand it the rules of the game are clear the referee is there to manage the


entertainment the passion and the flow of the game when we try and go for


precision we lose sight of what sport is about which is competition and Humanity


I just came from the zoo of the zoo excuse me from the circus with my daughter and wife we had a great time


and why am I bringing up the circus because it's in Lost Art that's disappearing people juggling people jiving people doing physical activity


that's amazing and we've lost it for the sake of oh I can go watch a Marvel movie


what I saw was human beings doing amazing things and when we downgrade things into a different mode of life


where we're just digitizing and trying to find Precision and everything for a thing that's imprecise it's Humanity I


want the humanity I don't care about I'm at this point where I don't care about the wins and losses whether it's


perfect when people watch football and complain about the referees really they're complaining about the fact that


they don't have control and the referee is the only thing you see that you feel like you can control you can't control


it it's men running on grass with a round ball and there's 11 of them


you're never going to get it all right it's all subjective and we should just accept it and live in the moment live in


life that was designed in the:


arbitrary rules that just is be in the moment enjoy your team


let go it doesn't have to be right enjoy the moments


enjoy the Aguero goal again enjoy um enjoy Istanbul again


enjoy all of it because if we had had VAR they would have been checking those moments and they would have been ruined


enjoy Ali in in:


sharing them of course they would have and he would have been off or a foul on schmeichel or countless other moments


that would been ruined by the stoppage of play football is beautiful because it moves football is beautiful because it


is alive it just keeps going and the energy and the fans Push It Forward we


don't need to have replay unless I like technology I work in tentology unless it


cannot disrupt the flow and moments if they can call it immediately I'm all for


it but until it can't be called immediately don't do it it's not worth it it's not


worth it um so that's my VAR and then um on City I know no one wants to talk about this


but I you it's something interesting that's happening when you are a person who has allegiance


to a club and this happens this is the nature of sport you get so attached to it like I am with


City that you can't stop but fighting


I want to defend it because in some way it's me I'm the club I'm City it's my


team as much as I said the other day I don't care and I don't want to defend Mansour you can't help it there's a


human condition that grabs you and pulls you into this silly thing where I feel


like I've got to defend City at every turn and I'm I'm pushing this and Liverpool fans that and look at this


financial issue and look at that one and and all these things and I just got into a whole rant about City just wanted to


win we wanted to spend money to win we just wanted to win


just like Lance Armstrong just wanted to win he took he doped the whole sport was dirty he just wanted to win


that's the argument for some of these things Financial doping what does that even mean we just wanted to win we


wanted to stop Manchester United from winning all the time I was looking at the um at the top five leagues there's an FB


and it really happens around:


take off and I think that if it weren't for City United would have just kept winning or Chelsea would have just kept winning


they were in line for those teams to just keep winning and winning without any competition to them and thank God


City cheated whatever we did otherwise the hegemony of those teams would still be there I don't know that's


just how I feel I just think without the psg's and Chelsea's and


cities of the world the teams would have been the same over and over again just like they are in


Italy just like they are in Germany just like they are in France frankly because there's no one pushing at least


in the Premier League United is there to push at least there's there's Chelsea to


push and Arsenal have and Liverpool will have all their legacy and can push a Nouveau Reach team like City but City


needed to push them anyway I feel crazy about having to defend it but I'll keep defending It


Anyway let's go to the scores uh right now just to get a sense of where we are so Saturday early West Ham won Chelsea


won not a great result for my friend Grand Potter then Fulham defeated Nottingham


Forest we knew Forest winning on the road is impossible didn't help when both


um McKenna and Bali went off in the first five minutes from Central defense then Southampton loses after being up a


goal to wolves up a goal was down to 10 and they lose


and that costs um the manager's job then and if I say then again I'm fired Arsenal 1-1 against


Brentford they're slipping they're blipping they're in trouble Arsenal get bullied by Ivan Tony and the boys from


Brentford on another VAR conference oh more VAR controversy you want Palace one Brighton one to M23 Darby Brighton we're


bossing this game Crystal Palace I don't know viera's getting a pass then Mighty Lester back to back four goal games they


smashed Tottenham oh my God that they smashed Tottenham betancour goes out Eric Dyer is cooked what a


catastrophe then we ended Saturday 1-1 the United Newcastle United versus Bournemouth


Gary O'Neill's a good manager I don't care board myth are pretty good uh they'll go down but they're still pretty


good Newcastle still can't find goals goals goals although almiron did score one then on Sunday


Leeds nil United two on the back to back on their home at home with leads I thought leads were


good they could have won this game but no United and Marcus rashford score goals then City are back City smash


Villa three nil in the first half win it 3-1 at home looking good Bernardo Silva


playing left back pept crazy and then today in the merseyside Darby Liverpool


2 Everton nail those were the scores but we are going


to go to the great North London and watch Arsenal collapse in real time no no it's


not a collapse uh I think what's happening with Arsenal let's just go through it really quickly


um trust art scores the early goal coming on for Martinelli really nice pass really nice goal


trussard gets onto it lashes at home on a great cross from Saka then the controversial goal Tony


across from uh oh God let me let me see who it is the cross comes in from a


Christian norgaard and Pinnock actually it's norgone or pinik are are batting the ball around


Pinnock with the really high up header then norgaard who's offside uh Pats it


back to Tony who hits it in it goes all over the place and Tony scores it


um and it's 1-1 um never really held on for to be fair to uh Brentford Brentford had one other


good chance from Tony that he probably should have scored on 39 and then the other shots not too many on goal that


you would have thought were game-winning goals but again Brentford came in you know how Brentford is going


to play they're gonna come and kick you in the face ass and mouth and they did


that and um they're good they're 10 unbeaten while


arsenal we talked about on week match week 19 we're on 50 points at halfway and now they're only on 51. so they're


having a hard time kicking on from getting to that 50-point Mark they're really only on 51 in their last two


games they've only earned one point a loss to Everton and now a draw so they've allowed City back into this one


a couple things I think about this I don't think that Arsenal are playing


badly I don't think anything's wrong I just think you know


it's hard to win the premier league and you can't just run the same group out there all season one guy did


it I remember Antonio Conte when he won the league with Chelsea he ran the same 11 out there all season but he had no


Europe at all and John Terry uh played every game and every minute but I don't


think you can do that with this team this is a you know mental strength


is the other component you know you have the physical skills you have the


technical skills you have the confidence and then the last part is that mental


fortitude of having done it every step passed for Arsenal is getting further


and further into the unknown and I think you know Arsenal are feeling it in this moment you know and Kezia came in and


held them up but now they need an infusion and Trust art helped he got a goal right he's trying to contribute but


now they need another another step they need to go up again at a level again and that's the question we have for Arsenal


now can they go again after having this blip getting punched in the mouth by Everton and now getting punched in the


mouth by uh Ivan Tony and Brentford these are two teams that are physical that came at Arsenal and really gave


them a hard kick and I wonder if Arsenal have the steal


to pick themselves up one more time and they're going to be tested their next


match is against my beloved Manchester City and I worry for them I think if


they lose this game they will be in deep trouble uh very weird season I do want


to give a little bit more love to the Great and Powerful Fulham who now sit in eighth uh eight wins


10 draws four losses so eight and four that's really good they're plus seven on


34 solidly London teams doing really really well just an incredible


performance by uh Thomas Frank and his boys so many good players that are


playing in Brantford and I think the question we should have is what player from Brentford would you want on your


side we know Tony but is he a product of long balls going to him can he get the ball at his feet uh which one of those


Midfield players would you want is it norgard or or or one of the Defenders Ben me Ethan pinnick coming from the


lower divisions coming from Dulles Hammond unbelievable I mean Ethan pinnick is is their primary central


Defender he's so physical had an amazing tackle on in kethia when he had a turn and go through so really good


performances are all around for them who would you want from their team I know who I would want I'd like the


midfielders they're pretty good and I like um I like the fullbacks as well so uh on the on the VAR controversy


it's it's a fake controversy this is a ball into the mixer it goes


off of three or four heads and somewhere in there there was an offside I grant you that


but is that the spirit of the law is that what we want do we want


the fact that Arsenal would have been got off the hook because their players are too small and


unable to fight for the ball that was as it was playing Head tennis around it wasn't a beautiful goal but Arsenal if


you want to win the league you go get it and push it out it was three different bounces that you want them to get off


the hook on a marginal offside what are we Spain this is England this is the home of


football this is where you separate the men from the boys this is fighting for goals yes


norgaard had his back foot offside there were 20 guys in the box that's


what we want VAR for I'm not having it Brentford deserved that goal whether it was that one or another one they should


have gotten a draw it would have been harsh had they called that offside and that's what I mean earlier in my VAR rent


we we had a goal we had we had Tony going over to the side for Sergi kanos


whose mom died and he was his teammate no longer on the team because he wanted to play and we would have called that


off because some guy I just don't agree with it I


think it's a bad idea I'm over it I just unless VAR can go if you can't fix it in


30 seconds we're not fixing it I don't want it because it really takes away from the thing that I love most about


football and Arsenal fans yes you can complain you can complain everyone thinks their team is hard done again


it's because we don't have control we want to control everything and a referee feels like something we can control


but you can't control it maybe there was a run that wasn't seen maybe there was a ball that was a fraction offside a ball


that hit a post a guy that would have been played in those you don't see you don't worry about those but a call you


control and we made that into a thing I just think it's a bad idea it's a bad precedent and I don't want anything to


do with it um we move on to my beautiful and beloved Manchester City


great performance I was so grateful for this what did I say City scores in the first 15 minutes to win


the game what did they do they scored a goal in the first five minutes rodri Cuts in front City sneaky a good set


peace team get their goal early and then they're able to cruise uh in this game


pep went with all the old boys no new boys I mean we have Holland mahrez


grealish but then where it gets weird is we have Laporte Diaz and Walker but no


left back so Bernardo Silva I guess is the left back it's the formation is like a three four three


um weird formation a box in the middle uh and and Bernardo Silva was just incredible pep solved his hey how do I


figure out how to find more control in the Midfield without taking off Holland and he just decides


well I'll just play an extra midfielder and they'll be the fullback so rather than play a left back he just


played Bernardo who shuttled back and forth between being in the Midfield and being a fullback just an incredible


performance from Bernardo if you see his touch map it's incredible but City scored their goals pretty easy Roderick


then a really nice one from gundagon shockingly City played a ball over the top what do you know Holland gets on it


he's his face is back to goal so he spins around and fires an amazing cross to gundagon reminded me of the Aston


Villa goal to win the league God loves it uh and then Riyad mahrez on a penalty that Jack grealish Drew on uh young


Jacob Ramsey poor guy I clicked his heels and then mares put that through and that's when I knew something was


wrong with Holland Holland didn't take the penalty which meant he was hurting so city were up three and cruising but


the more interesting part of this game was the Defiance from Pep in his press conferences just coming out guns blazing


all takers naming names being like I know what eight teams wanted us to get


kicked out of the Premier League and he's like Arsenal Chelsea United Liverpool just calls him out then he


calls out Stevie G's like did Manchester City make Steven Gerard slip I loved his career but that wasn't on us so just


going through everything and just being defiant and owning all the wins that City got and I think it galvanized the


team I think there was a little bit of oomph that came from City a little bit of like you know what Siege mentality


the city the city fans were singing really loud they brought the flares out when the team showed up they were


singing the Premier League so we used to sing wafa the Champions League theme song and now


we're gonna sing it for the for the Premier League theme song so you know any song you have that's the


establishment cities just putting their middle finger up and I don't blame them you know what if if they're after you


don't apologize just go scorched Earth and that's what city's gonna do I think


one of the things that I think about with the obstruction pieces I think these investigators have been


just asking for everything and cities like I'm not giving you that why should I give you that there's nothing in there


I said I didn't have it you go with what you have I'm not giving you stuff so you can find something on me anyway


City are fantastic really good performance and going in feeling strong


for the match against Arsenal just such an important important game just like I


cannot tell you how worried I was a month ago


about or two months ago about City uh playing Arsenal we're catching Arsenal


right at the right time they're on a downturn or a worried Turner or something like that


where City have just kind of been like okay we took it in a mouth we're bleeding in the mouth we've got Ruben


Diaz back Ruben Diaz by the way was fantastic in this game The Tackle he puts on Leon Bailey is just brutal


Savage and something no other City Defender does there's no physicality like everyone just backs off and kind of


was like oh we're not supposed to tackle Reuben doesn't care he tackles this is a guy who's PFA player of the


year so you know when city won the league in in the uh in the bubble season so City go into the game against Arsenal


feeling good that game's on Wednesday feeling good feeling strong feeling like


themselves feeling defiant feeling like no one can beat them


uh Arsenal going limping questioning whether the thing that they do is the thing that they do I think the only


question here for city is how do they play because uh Holland might be hurt I


don't think that hurts City frankly because City haven't been playing well with Holland anyway he's kind of not


contributing to the build up because he's always up top so City might be able to play with more control and have a


little bit of a headache removed from playing Holland because he seems to be a little bit of a missing thing foden got


back into the game maybe foden will play at the nine at the false nine I don't know but I think City wins this game


they go level with Arsenal having a game in hand and despite how bad this season has been


for city which it hasn't of course it's only been about the performances I think if City win this game


Arsenal in trouble real trouble uh it becomes a statement it becomes uh a


moment uh one of the moments of the season will be Wednesday so we'll find out what happens you know if if Arsenal


win it's less damning because it's just three points for City to have to come


back from so they'll drop back down into six points behind it'll shock us uh


it'll be sad but I don't think that City will feel like they can't win but it'll give be a huge boost for Arsenal Arsenal


will feel like oh my God we we dodged one but arson we're gonna have more moments they have to suffer I know no


to suffer think about City in:


they dropped games down the stretch uh they almost blew it against QPR it gets


very very tight this show is not called squeaky bump time for no reason


things get difficult down the stretch really difficult you have to look around


for leaders and you have to look around for people who've done it before first Arsenal they're going to be looking to


zinchenko and Gabrielle and Thomas partsey I guess he won in Spain


and zinchenko and yeah and they really have to find those moments who's won a trophy on


Arsenal not many players maybe an FA Cup here or there so it's gonna be tough uh


and arts and cities whole Squad there's no non-winners they're all winners


um except for Holland in a weird way everyone else is is a big winner so I'm looking very much forward to that


and how pep brings this team together I have no idea


speaking of uh teams that are back uh we do have our friends from Liverpool


coming back together um they did not look good until they scored their goal uh they were a little


disjointed uh it was at home the crowd was up for it and just before Salah


scored the goal on 36 Everton had had a set piece tarkovsky misses the goal he


hits the post and when I say that this break was beautiful it was fantastic it


really was they so it pops out after it hits the post it pops out to McNeil who tries to take


another shot he doesn't quite miss it he's off Target um and then


Darwin Nunez just flies grabs the ball I think there was a pass before and I'm


not sure who it was maybe it was basic I can't remember but Nunez takes it flies


downfield gets it back to Salah who then uh gives it back to him and they just do a give and go on the run and on the move


and it just becomes a race uh and Salah to his credit puts it away but on that


thing Jordan Pickford just goes running around to someone else but it's an incredible shot like six six um Liverpool players


come flying forward on this break and from there you know Liverpool going to the breakup


of goal gakbo gets a nice goal from Robertson and Salah after that and then


you know once it's up to there's really nothing for Everton to do Ella Sims was an interesting player who played for


Everton a unit of a dude a giant Striker who'd been on loan at um


at Sunderland and had been playing well he had seven goals in 17 games doing really well for them uh shame that


Sunderland would lose him but it looks like someone dice was like hey I got no transfers bring me this unit he's six


foot three he's a monster uh he didn't really get into it but he was there early took a shot early and was trying


to put himself about interesting to see a new Striker and I wonder what Neil mopay thinks although he did come on


later uh trying to you know do his thing where he tries to steal your girlfriend uh this was a big game for Liverpool


like I can't can't deny that winning emergency side Darby is a big deal for Liverpool but uh klopp was well into it


we got to see Joe to come back we got to see firmino come back so maybe this is um so so maybe this is a moment for


Liverpool to lift themselves up again like I said earlier maybe a couple episodes ago Liverpool


and klopp live on emotion and positivity and optimism and they've got to have it


um klopp was been very negative and defensive in his press conferences and he's down like the team lives on mood


it's like literally a Vibes team when Liverpool's Vibes are good they just


irresistible and you love them and I'll admit it they're very charismatic and attractive team when they're playing at


their best when they're talking and Robertson's fighting with Pittsford in 87 they start laughing at each other's


faces all that stuff really lifts Liverpool up and and klopped at his fist


pumps at the end and he needed it they needed it they were in such bad form they're still 10th or ninth or whatever


um and you know for for Everton though they just have to feel like okay this wasn't our game they played well for a


half I thought Onana ducore and gay did the best they could but you know after a


while they just didn't seem to have it uh the goal that that


scored kind of Cody probably could have blocked it Seamus Coleman was getting run ragged a poor guy I love him I've


always loved them but he just couldn't hang with Nunez in the pace of of Liverpool so we find out what


Liverpool's made of you know the getting guys back they're lifting themselves up they had their UEFA it wasn't our fault


thing come through uh nothing is Liverpool's fault as we know um but they move on and for Everton


they're still in a relegation Zone so leads are safe for now


but they do have to try and get out of it they do play leads next is that true


they do so this is a six pointer they have leads and Aston Villa games that they'll


want to try and win especially the one they're both at home I think they'll want at least


4 from those two so I went in a draw or at least one win from Leeds and Aston


Villa would do two would be amazing they really gonna need at least one from these two home games then they're a way


to Arsenal away to Forest which will be tough and then home to Brentford so what they can get out of these I'm not sure


but that takes them into the beginning of March you know we'll see what dice can bring to this team I believe in them


I believe in daesh he'll find a way uh it just was unfortunate once the goal went in from Salah they kind of lost


their Edge and the fans started singing you're going down and and the thing just turned on them and they just couldn't


get another foothold in the game so we'll see what happens with Everton but again in the relegation Zone on 18 one


point behind leads uh leads I believe still have a game in hand but it is


tricky for them yeah yes no they're even on games now so leads caught up with


their got their game in hand Everton on 18 leads on 19.


in the relegation zone so there's that


Crazy Town um let's go to our friends in uh


Manchester United who played the second time against Leeds


um I thought I watched a lot of this game I thought leads were worth it they thought they they pressed again they did


the same kind of fighting and biddiness that they did to


um to to United in their first game and they did win the XG battle I know we all


love XG uh but you know Michael scubala was coaching leads leads still have no


coach because you know why do you need a coach uh it seems they were a little bit weird with this firing of uh firing of


their coach early in the game cresencio and Bamford both took shots Bamford another shot got blocked and Somerville


you know in the first half this was really about leads and leads had most of the


run in play honestly they were the one who looked like they were going to win this game against the Run of play


Luke Shaw on an amazing cross gets into rashford and he just heads it home no problem uh I thought a little


bit of the defending was weird the spacing between the two Defenders really threws things off uh the change to bring


on garnacho for Sancho and lisandra Martinez for Malaysia changed how United


played because it brought Luke Shaw out onto the wing changing their formation so Shaw who's in fullback had been


playing in Center back which is a weird thing that they played McGuire and Shaw together but Shaw once Shaw was able to


go back into position he was able to do the service it's his ball that gets on to rashford and rashford puts it away


rashford on fire I mean good for him uh then garnacho right after that on the


pass was from Veg horse so veg horse became a provider dropping in so that


um rashford and garnacho could run onto him it was a really good pass from Veg horse to set garnacho free and it's so


fast I really like our nacho um you know and for or


for United they pick up points but again listen friends they're not in this title


race because of performances like they had with leads any other day leads with this chord any other day


uh I just don't think that they have enough depth they still have lots of games where they're just sort of sitting


deep and hanging on and luckily other teams aren't beating them you know I whenever they come up against a better


team you get the sense that United are going to lose uh because they they do play well and


they have a way of playing so it's not to diminish them it's not to say that they've stunk or whatever but I just


don't see in the underlying numbers in how they play whenever I watch United that they're controlling these games


they're hanging in they're playing well uh and their XG does sort of show that


they're on plus seven XG plus 10. like if you look at the top four cities on


plus 28 gold difference United cities on plus 34 Arsenal's on plus 28 in third is


United on plus 10 and then Newcastle on plus 22. so


United are really in line with more of a Brighton and a Liverpool on plus 10 than


where they are so they've been getting more points than their play suggests now


that's great for them the points are in the bank there's nothing you can say about that so it's not to diminish what


they've been doing but they've been lucky uh not lucky sorry they've been they've crafted their own luck they


finished when the chances they've had but I don't think that Marcus rashford is going to score like a 35 goal scorer


so he's been doing everything for them scoring the goals they need I just don't think that they're on for the title


they'll drop points again there's just no doubt about it they're not ready yet I don't think any United fan should


think it but you never know anything is possible Sancho coming in is a big deal


if they can get him going maybe he's another goal scorer I just don't think they're ready for that leap in battle


uh speaking of a team that's starting to not look like they're ready uh Newcastle goes down to the longest


trip you can take from Newcastle to Bournemouth in the Eddie Hal Darby and they just kind of lay an egg again


they've drawn four out of their last five they're still unbeaten in like 17 like Newcastle don't lose but now


they're not winning so I thought Bournemouth were really game for this game they played really well so Gary


O'Neill who we've tipped as a team to go down they did get solanki back I think I


talked about it in their preview but they're just drawing too many games now like I said four of their last five just


drawing drawing drawing drawing they have Liverpool next then Brighton those are two tough games both at home so that


should help them but you know they gotta start getting wins come on Eddie Howe


get a win um just not creative enough I think the Bruno thing has made a difference like I


said Bruno gamaresh incredible player uh a player that any team wouldn't want on


their side maybe Liverpool should try and steal them hey you never know uh but kumaresh is great


Newcastle keep their powder dry they're not slipping too much because no one


around them has really kicked on like yes United slowly but surely got past them and yes


um Tottenham are still there but Tottenham have been losing so much uh and they're right in line they're Nick


Pope amazing season made another great save to save a goal in this one but Bournemouth I think


showed something to me the problem they have they got solanki back so let's go back down to the relegation Zone Gary


O'Neill had them playing hard they were good um they didn't get a they get a draw so they are level on 18 with Everton and


like I said there are four down here that I just think are going down between Leeds


Everton Bournemouth and and Southampton you've got to think Bournemouth and Southampton are going down because of


the talent and then Everton are two good leads are young West Ham no


way wolves no way not with lopategi and then I guess my guess here is perhaps


Forest could get sucked back down but they've got a five point lead so maybe


not they are they they've shipped a lot of goals but can they get themselves


back into it um they do they have the best goal difference XG


gold difference of the teams in the bottom three and that matters because that tells you where they really are uh


southampton's we know about bizuno who's just awful they're on XG of 29 but given


up 40. they need a new keeper what do you do in Southampton so Everton and Bournemouth sit at the bottom and then


our friends from Crystal Palace their underlying numbers are in the relegation zone so Palace have been secretly


slipping and I wonder a Forester on 24 and Palace around 25


could Palace get Dragged In they really have not been playing well winless in


their last six with three draws stranger things have happened


um but you know we'll see what happens there I still think it's Bournemouth Southampton it's that third slot for


relegation I don't know what's gonna happen and then like I said for going up Burnley or nailed on their 18 points


clear 10 game winning streak they won again three nil this weekend so Vince accompanies Boys in Burnley will


definitely be coming up to see all our friends in the Premier League um I want to give a little bit of a a


shout to our friends at Leicester Brendan Rogers baby if you were


auditioning for the job against Spurs uh I think you'd get it kante's still recovering from his gallbladder surgery


but a really really bad performance from Spurs just looking old looking slow


looking lost defensively just all over the shop just


getting ripped pieces uh they get an early goal from Rodrigo Betancourt who


then injures himself later in the game and will miss the rest of the season


with an ACL so Rodrigo on 65 comes off and that's the last you'll see of him


but the first goal from though from Mendy was just a laser beam that got


past Fraser Foster I do want to say


they really need Hugo Laris or another keeper Fraser Foster looked like a tree


getting cut down when he was diving for balls and a lot of these goals they look like they're good goals but I


think another keeper might have got one of them maybe two of them because he's bad they just kind of go


through him or he's kind of slow so maybe these goals are not quite as good


as they thought they were because Fraser Foster just looked really bad maybe it'll take him time to get back up to


speed again because he hasn't been playing but Mendy's goal was great then ianacho just bossing everything on the


break on a turnover uh puts in Madison then ianacho again from Harry Suiter


this is a ball in from defense right at the end of halftime just stands


dire up Dyer doesn't close him down he's slow footed he literally stops moving at


the top of the 18 Yard Box does some flicks with his feet then just leaves the dire in the dust and fires in a goal


I mean just some ridiculous that went on in this game and then Harvey Barnes scores one late after missing one


uh earlier from a weird offside call so uh just a 4-1 complete performance by


the great and power for Lester who have clearly gotten themselves off the schneid


um Danny Ward is now not terrible uh having Madison back goal and assist for


him he's not terrible uh Harvey Barnes always good and I've always liked kalechi ianacho still only 26 from the


city Academy because city were just buying players oh no we actually sold players too and made good players for


the league so we set up the academy and spent money on that too I'm just going to keep throwing that sort of in kalecci nacho probably


definitely Lester's best player down the stretch last season we talked about him Mike and I as a nine and a half that was


our funny joke because he can play he's got a Harry Kane quality to him not so much with his back to goal where he


flicks the ball around the corner but he can play deep and play people in or he can take goals on and come in score like


that so I really like getting nacho as well and then Harry Suiter is just a unit if you remember


um Australia in the world cup with their giant six foot five center-back he's just a pure goon he makes a huge


difference for the defense of um of of Lester they got a left back and


Christensen and Suitor and Val feis they just needed to rebuild that defense or


maybe you know maybe uh maybe Rogers shouldn't have


left soyunchy in the dog house so long I'm sure he's now gone somewhere else but it looks like Spurs season slipping


they still have the Champions League they're down in AC Milan they still are in the FA Cup uh they've just gotta find


a way to get themselves back in Action I do feel bad for kante his best friend died now his gallbladder is out so maybe


they're not getting the best from kante and maybe he wants to leave maybe Spurs for Brendan Rogers


you heard it here first maybe Rogers for Spurs I think that would be a good step for him because then it would free it


would open up it would open up the team to play again because I think that's what we want to see from Spurs we want


to see Spurs joyful and playing they've had three or four three Tower coaches in a row Mourinho Nuno and now kante can we


just just it's not work it's not in Spurs DNA to play this way


uh speaking of teams to play This Way Chelsea's DNA is to play defensive and


they're still like getting to know you uho Felix was great but they they played


a 1-1 draw against West Ham West Ham just out of the relegation Zone they get


a good draw and in London Darby but this was really the early game at the London


Stadium I thought that Joe Felix was incredible really fun to see him on a


ball over the top from Enzo Fernandez really good stuff packets I got hurt early uh sochek came in and he'll come


into the game later and then uh palmari you know Paul Mary scored a goal former


former Chelsea on 28 level at one and then it just kind of petered out


you know all this possession again 71 lots of passes but nothing really


unlocking no connection yet uh Modric didn't do much he came off on 66 for


zayitch didn't have much going on you know still not shooting much only 12 shots


four On Target not much going on for uh Chelsea and I worry for my friend Mr


Graham Potter you know just not as much stuff as you'd like I do like what I've


seen from Fernandez led the team in touches led the team in carries trying


to push the team forward he and Reese James really push the team forward and see where they are I still think that


Mason Mount still has to be one of the players in this team they're at their best there you know it's just


he's gotta get wins the draws are not helping Chelsea they've got to kick on


uh it's now winless in 10 for Chelsea just not getting things done I'm just


gonna look at their last few games but it's definitely a bunch in


a row without a win um you know it's uh let's see three draws since the win at Crystal


Palace and then before that they had three losses one to City one to Fulham the Fulham loss I think was probably the


nadir the draw against Liverpool was fine the draw against Fulham you can't draw against Fulham you've gotta beat


Fulham so they're kind of sitting where they are a little bit listless the win


against Palace was was a little good but then draws against like Nottingham Forest I mean come on dude these are


games you gotta you gotta put together uh he had the nice bump in the Champions League when he came on pushing through


Milan and getting through the group but since then it's been quiet and a lot of those wins were really because keppo


went nuts uh and we've got to just find out where Chelsea are how they can move themselves forward and where they can


get themselves back off the schneido speaking of the schneid


the Great and Powerful schneid Southampton oh God


oh Mr Jones has been fired uh they're up a goal in their game


cruising at home against wolves who were the lowest scoring team in the league


um Diaz I believe or I can't remember who it was I'll look in a second gets himself sent off


and um from there okay where is this game why am I losing


oh here we go two one wolves uh it's Mario lamina gets himself sent


off he looks like root Diaz because he's yelling at the ref on 27 so it's most of


the game uh up a man uh Al cares scores the goal to put


um put Southampton up and they just don't even create anything they have they're a


man up for an hour and they only have 1.1 gold uh expected goals just not good


enough not good enough not even possessing the ball just a bitty choppy


game they don't really do anything in this game


comes on he takes six shots none On Target you know they they do a set piece


routine where it's like it's James word prowse just let him shoot what are you doing


so Nathan Jones finds himself on the unemployment line one of the most


bizarre managers you'll see just like this overly confident like I know what I'm


doing kind of thing which works if you win but if you're overly confident and you're losing


you're just an you know what I mean like just it's hubris like what what are you doing


just be calm say the things you need to say then get your wins and start talking but he just couldn't seem to get


his team on side seems like they blew their manager bounce on on Cup games


which is nice you know they got a couple extra games but they needed those games to be in the


league and then we've got to talk about lopategy lopategy basically takes over this wolves team and I've talked about


it over and over again completely changed them they've now got a way to play they stuck together they gotta win


they scored two goals this is a team that couldn't score any goals uh you know


um uh Gomes scores the goal really good and


then oh I have to say one of the goals for wolves the second goal sorry the first goal is this OG by John


bednarick and he's just like fumbling and slipping on the line and just Falls over and kicks the ball in very much a


goal that happens when you're gonna get relegated and I think Southampton are definitely getting reallocated but you


know they'll have money they'll have all their players they'll be ready to come back up uh Rumor Has It Jesse Marsh


might take this job stranger things have happened what is the US soccer team


doing if you want Jesse March you better give him the job now or he's going to have another job at Southampton like


tomorrow so they've got to hurry up and get that done


um got two more games to go my friends from Brighton just bossed a out of


crappy Palace really just kicked the out of them but Sanchez normally such a reliable keeper


drops the ball and James Tompkins and his amazing beard put it in


um Sally March is on fire he scored his goal on 63. so Brighton looked like they


were ready to go they had this game in hand and then you know Palace weren't creating anything and Sanchez then drops


the ball and gives them a gift um so they just get lucky my boys


are not my boys from uh my boys from South London are really not creating anything Dakota and Hughes are never


going to create anything Jordan IU is just like I don't know what he does I don't know why he plays he's a forward


who doesn't score goals so he's just there mateta never scores Elysee is so


smooth and he just kind of it just wants to look cool but there's really nothing going on in terms of creation for


um for Crystal Palace without as a and without I mean as they did come on but without


without zaha they just know zaha's no party but um the Great and Powerful Brighton really bossed this game and


probably should have won it are gonna kick themselves because they should really look at themselves and think that they have a shot at the top four Alexis


McAllister can I just tell you Alexis McAllister took seven shots three On


Target and his expected goals is 1.4 and he got none so let's just tell you uh


very a very brightened performance to have an amazing player just kicking ass and not doing anything uh nothing from


matomo this time sad about that you know I love Misa matoma didn't really do much the man who really kicked ass and this


one was estupion he seemed to be everywhere had 91 touches five tackles two interceptions you know created three


scoring chances just in a and set up solid March for his goal so just an amazing performance by him you know


they're just getting a lot of Great Performances out of their players and you believe in them there's they so


whatever whatever Potter did he left at Brighton and it didn't come with him and deserby


is looking like a genius but maybe it's just Brighton maybe they have maybe Tony


Bloom they've got that thing in line they've got the whole thing running and it's ready to take over uh the big one


here like I said John Brooks is the VAR he just completely Yaks it because he drew a


line on the wrong player for the um before the offside goal and they didn't


redo it they went to VAR called a goal that was perfectly on side offside uh I'm sure


had the referees just called what was on the field which was not offside


um it was a goal then it would have been a goal but you know VAR is stupid VAR is useless and they ruined a perfectly good


moment in a derby so good for you VAR way to go good job by you I do want to


give a little shout to the Great and Powerful uh tricky trees of forest


sorry Christian not a game that you guys win I think forests have scored only one


goal away from home all season so you'd expect them to go to Fulham and lose and they did two goals from one from William


which was amazing Willian just turned back to clock day just tricky tree top


bins on the left foot just just so class willian's just been a good player for a


long long time he had a weird time with uh with Arsenal but has really found himself again over in um in Fulham just


playing great didn't play great had all those great years at Chelsea won the league twice uh being a major


contributor to both those teams but then you know just kind of took some time at Arsenal under that weird era that early


earlier Teta kind of weird fell off the team but then tried to go back to Brazil


played two seasons and then comes back with Fulham and he's one of their best players uh obviously these players are


never as old as they are but you know he started at 18 at shakhtar and now he's 33 and he's got the Brazilian age which


you know I don't know what happens there some tricky things go on with Brazilians


uh they like to they do they spend they spend their legs dancing I think is the issue um except for fernandino but yeah


Willian there and then one from Solomon he's somebody new I didn't even know who he was came in for Fulham and scored the second


but Forest just didn't get anything going you know losing losing Bali


and um wait what is it and McKenna in the first five minutes did not help


so warl and Felipe have to come in so you can you imagine you start a game and your defense is gone and then you know


we just don't get much going on so uh there'll be other days for Forest they've got their six-point kitchen but


I do worry for them uh they do have to get they've got it they're so reliant on their home form that you've just gotta


make sure when your Forest that you know you've got your 24 points your six


points above the relegation Zone just keep getting those draws get a win and one win in three they're on six


it's usually eight that gets you safety so eight is two more wins that'll put


them on 30 and then a few more maybe it'll be nine this year maybe they need to get the nine wins they gotta get one


and three something like that so we'll see what what they can do their next game is the Great and Powerful


Nottingham Forest oh play Manchester City maybe not that one maybe that's not the game you're looking


for but you are at home City will have played in midweek so maybe there's a chance uh for you but maybe the the uh


the city machine starts to hum as we play some weaker opponents and play the back end of the season play some of the


teams we played earlier in the season and get the wins there we're getting very very late in the day and I do want


to just touch on a couple of things that are happening the champions league is back what this season of never-ending


football yes I believe Spurs play tomorrow psgv


Bayern no messy no and Bape that's not gonna go well Wednesday sees Dortmund and Chelsea Liverpool Real Madrid is


also on Tuesday I didn't even cover that game this is huge for Liverpool at home they need a big lead they need to win


three nil if they think they're gonna beat Real Madrid but these are big boys playing big boy stuff and then the Great


and Powerful Napoli let's just go quickly through the schedule uh before we go so tomorrow we have


PSG Bayern Milan versus Tottenham Wednesday Club Bruges versus Benfica


that's not one anyone's gonna follow and then Dortmund versus Chelsea then next week Tuesday excuse me so Liverpool are


free this week they play Liverpool and Real Madrid I'm track Frankford Napoli inter Porto uh and City back in action


against Leipzig away uh but that's next week so this week's games PSG Bayern


inter versus Tottenham Dortmund Chelsea called Bruges versus


Benfica maybe uh Spurs had their eye on Milan I don't know I don't know what's going on


um anything else any more bets please like And subscribe please love the show


please say hello to your friends please say hello to your mother for me and I'm


gonna take us out of here that was the squeaky bum Time Podcast


with your host Laurent courteans we are the football Wing the chomp Sports channel and presented exclusively by the


premiere streaming Network we record on Mondays and Thursdays so be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcast


so you never miss an episode ever and if you're listening on Apple or


wherever you get your podcast please rate and review the show I only have 25 why don't I have 105. come on people get


involved rate and review the show it make it make difference and we'll see you on Thursday


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