Episode 264

Published on:

13th Jul 2023

"I think Spurs should SWAP KANE for SADIO MANE!" 🚨 FCB Rejects NEYMAR again 😱 MBAPPE Update ✅"

In this episode, we tackle some of the most pressing topics in football, from player transfers to team dynamics, to some heavy issues surrounding the sport.

1. Zambia's World Cup Surprise: We delve into the controversy surrounding the Zambian Women's World Cup striker Barbra Banda who, despite failing a gender eligibility test, will be allowed to play in Australia due to FIFA's policy on team investigations. We also discuss allegations of sexual abuse by Zambia women's team coach.

2. The Future of Harry Kane: Tottenham's new manager Ange Postecoglou shares his plans on how he intends to keep star player Harry Kane at the club amid Bayern Munich's fresh offer.

3. Kylian Mbappé Update: Hear what former PSG sporting director Leonardo had to say in his L’Équipe interview about France captain Kylian Mbappé and his future. We also discuss a surprising twist in the story: Real Madrid gets a boost as PSG agrees to pay part of Mbappé's loyalty bonus to facilitate his exit.

4. PSG's Interest in Rashford: Paris Saint-Germain shows interest in Manchester United's striker Marcus Rashford. What could this mean for both teams?

5. **Transfer Rumour Report**:

- Neymar Junior: We discuss the possibility of Neymar's return to FC Barcelona and why it was ultimately rejected.

- Steven Gerrard: Hear why Gerrard decided to join Saudi side Al-Ettifaq.

- Andre Onana: Find out why Man Utd is so keen on acquiring Andre Onana as a replacement for David de Gea.

- Paulo Dybala: Hear Dybala's response to Thiago Silva's transfer claim and what his move could mean for the Blues.

6. Quick News Before We Close:

- Get all the details about Barcelona's US summer tour, including friendlies, dates, and rivals.

- We discuss USMNT midfielder Brenden Aaronson's transfer from Leeds United to Union Berlin.

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Hello and welcome to the squeaky bum time podcast, but exclusively on the chop support channel of the premier streaming network. We are recording this on July 13. I am your host the wrong Corteens.

In this episode, Chris and I get into the early innings of the Woman World Cup. Talk about an interesting debate going on within the women's football around transgender and women's rights and all those things.

Plus, we talk transfers, we talk, pasta Cloglues first interview where he's at with Cain and all of the rest of the transfer business.

Chris has been amazing at putting this whole thing together, and I'm looking forward to more episodes with him.

Just a little house cleaning. I'm gonna be joining him on Thursdays as well, and I'll still have day show that I'm gonna work on during the season.

But for now, I'm just gonna keep working with Chris until the season starts. But as always, please like share and subscribe. It means everything. Thank you.

And we just got an announcement real quick. We we have the the radio station going top f c radio dot com. So for for we're gonna be live on there, but also a lot of news that you guys can, you know, check out and see if you like it.

So we're start we started this project here with Laurent. And hopefully, Hopefully, it takes off and and we get it going.

So again, but we're still live on YouTube as well. And, of course, like I said, on top f c radio dot com. So you can also listen to us on demand on all our platforms on Spotify or your audio platform. So but anyways, what's up, man?

How you been? How you doing, Chris? Thanks for Thanks for setting up everything. You've been a wonder. So if you guys don't know in the background Chris is making this all happen, I was a lonely podcaster in the wilderness.

And Chris came to me and saved the day. But, yeah, I'm good. I'm looking forward to, you know, there's a lot of football. Is is that a California hat you got on? Of the World Cup, the women's cup. I love the women's World Cup.

It's 1 of my favorite tournaments. Yes. It is. I'm I'm I'm Shadden Freud. I like to see the US women's national team lose. Yep. Because I want re Actually, I I actually watched the the match yesterday, and that Rodman girl, man.

She is unbelievable. And well, she's well, I mean, I I don't I don't I don't doubt her affleticism, of course, being the daughter of Dennis Rodney, but -- Mhmm.

-- just the the technique I mean, unbelievable, man. I don't know what and she's actually a substitute.

So Right. Yeah. Go ahead. Yeah. I think I think now is the time to if you were look watch women's soccer football in the past or you're kind of tired of of some of the poll politics that's gone on a woman's football. That's separate.

I think outside of the US women's national team, who are good, but have lived on the athleticism and the infrastructure of title 9 for many decades now the European clubs and the European countries have taken the mantle of women's football, and whatever they did in the past, it was wrong.

But they are really, really good now. Yeah. I think when you watch women's football, the quality of the top 16, I'd say, top 8 clubs is really high.

There's still some bottom feeders that are going to drop 9 goals, but if you're talking about the Netherlands, Spain, England, Italy to a lesser extent, Germany, Norway, Sweden, those clubs are really, really good.

I think my head is finally bad.

But The the US has always been the the US is women's wise, you know. Our national team We we always been good as far as women, and we actually been developed more than most countries in in the women's sport.

You know, I we've actually say that we're as far as soccer goes, we can actually say that We are the brazil of women football.

Yeah. I mean, we are our men. Yeah. You know. I think that's 1 of the big things that will change. I think that the South American teams who have historically been behind will start to get better.

I think -- Yeah. -- you know, Argentina should have a better club. Women's team, but they have to get over some of the cultural problems, I would say. I mean, there's no other, by the way to put it, right?

The machismo, that that kind of stuff the women, the Brazilian team. Exactly. The women have been living with Martha. She's 38 maybe now, and she's still has to lead that team. So South America, I think still has a lot of work to do.

The women's max the the feminina Mexican team is still not there. The fitness levels are not there. You can see it in a women. It's not a knock on their skill, but they they don't look like athletes.

They look like amateurs. So 1 of the things that we'll we'll get it we have a we have 1 point that's big here, but I wanted to start to show because the women's World Cup is the biggest thing that's coming up on 1 year. Right now.

Mhmm. Mhmm. Well, they start they're gonna go in, like, they start next week or something. Well, yeah. No. I'm saying, like, you know, like you said, it's coming up and And yesterday, they were sent off and it was an incredible match.

I actually watched the whole thing. We actually did the the watch along on on the YouTube channel, but I mean, it was just unbelievable, to be honest.

And also, the fact, you know, the fans, they're rally behind the the women's national team. I mean, they really do. They're they're they're out there.

And it wouldn't surprise me for them to to fill up the stadiums in in in New Zealand and in Australia. Yeah. The the only issue I can see is that timing of it is the it's it's the other side of the world.

e games that are on it, like,:

That's the only thing. Well, we got the the women's world cup to talk about. We also got something that's that's coming up about the national team that's gonna participate in kind of a controversial topic in we'll we'll talk about that.

But we also got Angel, pastico Glues, comments on hurricane and and, you know, what's gonna happen as as far as his his future. Levy is a ruthless ruthless owner and we're gonna talk about him as well.

Real Madrid also still with the drama in Babpe drama going on right there in Leonardo, former PSG 1 of the top heads who was in charge of Crystal here. I'm not sure if this is happening everywhere, and I apologize.

Yeah. I'm not hearing you very well. Is it low? It's very low. Okay. Actually There we go. That's better. On On the return, it it sounds good. So What I'm returning? Yeah. I don't I don't hear you very well at all.

Your faded very badly. Okay. So yeah. I'm right there. Yeah. You're good. And then we got Marcus Marcus rashford. It actually got something that he might he might be asking to I mean, he just got a renewal not not too long ago.

So you know, this rumor might not be might not be a true, but Paris and Germaine, if Mbappe leaves, he might be a player that they're looking that they'll be looking at. So We'll see when it when it comes to that.

Name Mark Junior also denied by Barcelona once again. He wanted to go to return because he's 1 everybody wants to leave PSG, but he's not he he was denied mainly because of his salary. And also, we got more news.

So But let's start talking about this woman's World Cup striker who who actually shot some pictures and shot win over Germany told that she can actually play now despite having issues with her gender This is this is this is 1 of those in this is very topical in the world, very difficult to talk about, and I wanna be very -- Yeah.

-- clear that, you know, I'm not an expert and I'm not a doctor. But apparently and I think I I wanna get her name right.

I think it's Brondo or something like that. Yeah, Barbara. It's Barbara. I had to Bando, Brando, something like that. Her first name is Barbara. I watched the highlight of the game. Yeah. Barbara banda. This is a 1 banda, banda.

Yep. Will it be? Yep. Okay. She's a this is a woman who is biologically a woman and has always been a woman, but is very masculine and boxed as a youth before she got into soccer, so has always had an elevated level of testosterone.

Her body is very low body fat, does have the appearance of a man.

Right? When you watch her. But is insistent that she's a woman and has women's parts. So that part is not in doubt. Right? So this is not a woman. This isn't a this isn't an issue of a man saying he's a woman. Or anything like that.

This is a woman who says I am a woman, but I have this elevated testosterone that got her, basically, I'm sure it happened during testing, that they tested her, and she basically showed as someone who's on steroids.

Or testosterone. And so they had to, like, find her levels, and she actually was banned from playing in the CAF women's tournament previously in South Africa.

Well And I think it's unfair to her because she -- Yeah. It is. -- she just wants to play. And this is not 1 of these gender fluid things. This is just this is a woman who's very masculine and has elevated testosterone.

Who wants to play in the women's World Cup. And I think in this case, she should be allowed to play. But I'm I'm telling you this, though, because even though, yes, she is a woman.

So that's that part the fact, to be honest with you, I'm I'm gonna be honest with you, the fact that she is act an actual woman it's why the FIFA just let them do their own investigation and and and and do their own thing.

But Because if she was a transgender woman, then, I mean, you can't have a double standard.

You can't have 2 rules. Know what I mean? Because if she was a transgender definitely, she would have been looked up by FIFA and more than likely, it would have been tough for FIFA to put the world on top of them for no reason.

I think it would've If it if if it was transgender, if if this was a man who had become a woman, I think it's a completely different story. It becomes a national story.

It becomes a referendum on this you know, big debate that we're having all the time. Yep. We don't have to go into it because I'm sure we'll both get in trouble because we both don't know what the hell we're talking about.

But it would become a bigger thing, and then the women that are playing in the World Cup would then become the next step. They would say, Do you wanna let her play?

Do you want you know, it would become like the Penn state swimmer, where it's just like, this is actually unfair. This is a man who's playing football. But in this case, we're not going through that.

Thank god. I don't think the world is ready for that yet. But And I'm sure the women's World Cup does not wanna deal with that. Well, like, again, she she's she's a female, so it is unfair.

She has a really elevated testosterone in in but so there's there's that mean because that is the cause of as of why transgender women, you know, they right now, they can't play the sport.

So That's what that sorry. I think we have to be clear. That's the criteria that they're using. When they really should just use the actual criteria, which is you were a man. Right. But that's that's my personal opinion.

Yeah. But we've created this medical report. But because the the reason why they can't play situation. But the reason why they can't play professional sports, is simply because, obviously, physically, they they they are they are man.

And even even with with their their transformation, I don't wanna use the wrong word, but me, I mean, that's the 1 that comes up.

On their change, the the the high levels of testosterone, they actually have to do with growth, has to do with strength.

It has to do with energy. All that stuff is why right now, it's a controversy, and they're not able to actually participate. So why would this woman definitely something that I think is going to come up.

But why would this woman am I ask am I ask someone will test it. Someone will test it. Someone will push forward that is on a national team or some unscrupulous country or or whatever is gonna say, we have -- Should.

-- male athletes who have become women and they are gonna play on our national teams, and that point we will have to deal with it, because it's gonna happen. This is just the first test case in a way. But let me but let me ask you this.

Should then, if her levels of testosterone are really high and she is able to sorta kinda have an advantage, you know, then, is she I think They they have this for a reason. They have this for a reason. I know.

I think I think in I think in this case, which is very specific. This is a woman who's always been this way, who has this physical difference and is not trying to be something else and has not moved herself from 1 side to the other.

There's no There's no medical intervention that has made her this way.

This is just her. Then I think it's okay. And this is a special case because you have to think of it this way. If she was 7 feet tall and could run like a deer, but her testosterone was normal. That would be her advantage.

In this case, she just happens to have this elevated testosterone where I think reasonable. It isn't breaking the game because thank God football is not an individual sport, where they can you can cut the supply.

You can make sure she doesn't I mean, it's gonna help them Zambia play prop maybe they'll get out of the group stage. But most of their team, you know, it just is it gives them these advantages because you can see it.

You watch the highlights of that German Germany Zambia game. She is gone. Like, the ball in behind, gone. Like, she just accelerates and just disappears.

It's like Hussein Bolt versus, you know, some guy from Sweden in a sprint. Just she takes off on them, especially these these, you know, European defenders that are there because they can head the ball, but they're not fast.

She just goes right past her. It just disappears behind her. Well, actually, really good finishing as well. Oh, she's good.

She's good. I mean, you can't deny but, you know Really good. I get I think that actual transgender woman or former former man or, you know, whatever whatever the term is today. Yeah. No. Listen. Yeah. I I no. I know that.

I I off this topic. No. But the but we we have to talk about it because Because then, if it helps their This decision by FIFA letting this happen, even though it's probably the the most fair thing because she was a natural born woman.

It does help the transgender athlete calls. Because they can say, listen, she is a woman. She has high level of testosterone, but she's able to play and she's able to So why can't I?

If my testosterone is lower I mean, like I said, I think this I think to your to your point, this is a case that they will use if we're not going to literally use the actual birth genders of people.

Right? Right. Because this notion that you can become another gender, which is this modern thing that we're going through. I personally think it's binary, and I could be wrong, and that's fine.

But once you open the door, to some moving testosterone level, then you can play to the score, and a man can say, well, I'm down to whatever level of testosterone, therefore I am, I can play with women. That's when you get into trouble.

No. I Because that number and I think they're gonna use that. Is not what makes you a woman. What makes you a woman is the fact that you were born a woman and have menstruated and can have children and can have milk.

n biologically for, you know,:

Now, are there spectrums? Sure. But In this case, I would go in the basis of sport to keep the integrity of these things going. We've got to make sure that we have a decent role.

We have a case like this. It happened in the 19 fifties very, very famously. The East German swim team Basically, juiced their women so much on testosterone that they set records that were never broken by a woman until recently.

And some of those women took so many steroids, they literally were transitioned to men. They became men through over prescribing.

So we've had this in the Olympics. This happened in the fifties, and it's very famous. Look it up. East German swim team insane amount of drugs, they basically were men swimming and bait all the women and won all the all the records.

But we just if we wanna use these lines of up and down, instead of the natural kind of thing that we have, we're gonna run into trouble.

And I'm sure someone is gonna be upset at me, and that's okay because I'm not a genius and I'm not a doctor. I'm just sort of trying to use the common sense hat that I have.

To just go, hey, it's not fair if we know today that and this is not to belittle women's football, it's very good that, essentially, a high school soccer team of boys can beat the best women in the world.

That is known, that is a game that was played by the US women's national team, that if if a if a male soccer player trained up until they were 15 and then transitioned to a woman, you can't tell me that they don't have the skill or the wherewithal.

It it would be like seeing you know, it would be like seeing messy play in MLS, that level of problems. It's Yeah.

I mean, the the the this is AAA good a good III think we we needed to talk about this because, again, it's not just because it it's easy. Yeah. She's a woman. Birth certificate. She's a woman, then let her play what's the problem.

So but -- Yeah. -- but, then again, It's it's it's good to talk about it because simply, if it happens to to be a transient gender, this telling you, this will help their cause, whatever you think, whatever you believe.

I think it will help in the future.

So but at Yeah. It is I I definitely don't think it's over. I think there will be a moment. And then I think it will come down to the actual participants, the women that are on their teams, will they accept it?

I think that it will come down to that team that's like, hey, I have a chance to win the World Cup. I'm 34 years old. I'm 48 years old laptop.

Which which it'll be tough. But Right. That's what I mean. And by the way, that did happen. Those women, the East Germans did win gold medals, and we look at them and kinda look back and go, yeah, they shouldn't have those.

So -- Oh. -- it has precedent. It is there. But Zambia has got bigger problems because there's their actual team coach has been accused of sexually abusing players.

And it's a it's a deeper deal than than what we know about. But a lot I read an article on Gary Osm, and it's pretty gruesome. The things. Yeah. I'm I'm I'm sure there are things that go on in certain countries that are just Yeah.

I mean, it happens in the US. Right? We had the thing -- Oh, yeah. -- the guy in the news today, and I don't wanna go deep into it. But the the the the gymnastics guy just got shivved in prison. And he was abusing the girls as well.

So it's not just an African thing. It's just -- No. No. -- girls and sports and women men in power abusing that privilege. Terrible. Alright. Well, let's move on to Angie pasta kogloos comments. And -- Bossa Koglue.

Man, I say -- I love them already. I'm so happy for spurs. Let me let me call let me let me call them whatever I want. It's hard to say his last name, by the way. Is he Greek? Yes. He must have called glue. He speaks English very well.

I will admit that. Yeah. His story is intense, man. He left Greece on a boat and got all the way. He looks like he'll he'll push your fingers. Population of Greeks in Australia that have been there a long time.

It looks like he'll break a couple knees. He bused a couple of kneecaps. He was trained under Puscas, the world famous Fenric Piscas of the mighty Hungarians. Most 1 of the most famous footballers ever, 1 of the early real madristas.

He played with Oh, god. Who's the who's the arrow? My name my brain's melting. Anyway, yeah, he he he played a he played at Ray Allen that that under the team that won the 5 first champions league Pushkas.

The the the goal of the year is called the Pushkas award. And Pastagoglou learned to play football under posted under under Puschkas.

Yeah. Alright. Well, let's listen to some of the things that you had to say. About well, in general, they asked him about about everything, but Hurricane, of course, main topic.

Of course. Yeah. Really good. Obviously, it's it's been a little while now, but yeah. I looked delighted to be here. Looking forward to the massive challenge ahead.

Which I was well aware of before taking on the responsibility and looking forward to working with the players and the staff and being part of a really strong competition. It was a brilliant few years for you at Celtic.

But at the start of the season, there's a lot of players to that left when you joined the club. You had to do a lot of recruitment at the start, didn't you? And is that is that get a patience required here from supporters?

Look, it's fair to say every sort of position I've had has kinda needed some sort of rebuild and I said I had a brilliant 2 years at Celtics loved every minute of it, but it was challenging, particularly at the start.

And I don't know if it's about patience. I mean, you can't ask people to feel a certain way or to to sort of dampen expectations.

I think what I've tried to do wherever I've been and including Celtics is allow them to form their own opinion with what they see rather than what I say.

And Yeah. Like I said, we had a massive rebuild at Celtic, but I think, you know, at the beginning, even though the results weren't there, the supporters could see what we're trying to do and got behind us.

And you know, I don't know whether that's it's gonna be a Rocky staff for us or a good staff for us, but either way, my, you know, my hope and my design.

What I'm gonna try and do is give our supporters hope and and belief that we're, you know, we're gonna embark on something special.

You made some exciting signings already and it could be a big ish scores, so some undoubtedly will leave too in terms of the short term planning.

Are there certain players like Harry Cain where you have to say, he's got to stay. He's part of my plans. He's imperative. So it's question 3. It was Harry, was it?

We're we're running a pool with the coaches. I think I think they're like getting that 1, actually. III to 6 because I thought you'd care more about me than than No, look, I think in terms of the squad, as I said, there is fair to say.

I think the reason that I'm here is because, you know, the club is seeking change, you know, change in direction, change in you know, the way we do things and that usually transpires in the change in personnel, squad, and players, and staff, and you know, within that context, my my role right at this minute is to deal with what's in front of me, the certainties I have, knowing that there are going to be many uncertainties.

And trying to tick off 1 by 1, you know, the path forward for us and that is what our squad is going to look like.

May take a little while until the season starts before we have a clarity on that. But within that, I can't wait for that moment to start working.

We started already. Thank you. Bye. Alright. So some of the words that he had to say in the in the very beginning Man, this guy, it really, really knows what the heck he's talking about.

I mean, I'm I'm really I'm really confident on what he he brings to the table and good opportunity for him and, you know, top being a part of the top 6 really, you know. So it's it's a good a good chance for him and and for the players.

Now what do you think this whole Harry came situation is gonna end up? Yeah. I I just I just I just think that Ultimately, any manager who comes in when there is a transfer saga has to deal with these sorts of things.

I think a good example of us just hearing about it was 10 hog with Cristiano And the key thing in these moments is probably to show control that you're controlling a narrative, that you know what's going on, that you don't throw the player under the bus in case something gets weird.

And that you're like, he's with us, he's training with us.

It whenever happens, happens, we want him to be here, and I know when he's gonna go or play. As long as he's here, he's welcome to be with us. And as long if he goes on, we'll wish him well, and we'll adapt without it.

I think he took it as an opportunity to say, hey, I was at Celtics. We did the transition away from Brendan Rogers. We lost Edison Edward, who had been their leading scorer with 15, 21, and 18 goals.

That team had been on decline. They had they had won, you know, 9 Premier leagues in a row and then lost their first 1 after losing to Celtics and not talking about it on a rebuild, they didn't decline that much, but -- Right.

-- it had been the same side for a while under Rogers, and they had to change it up.

He took control of that team, changed it, had to move some players out. So he's had experience taking a big club and having big players leave, under a sort of popular manager.

I I wouldn't say I mean, the content thing, I wouldn't say he was popular. He kind of was a strong manager, but but spurs were already in disarray. I I think, ultimately, He is the right fit for spurs and the level of spurs.

As much as and this this is hard for spurs fans to hear, but I think they know it. Ultimately if they search deep down. Now do you think Spurs oh, go ahead. No. Well, finish your point finish your point.

Because I wanted to ask you about Yeah. I think Spurs deep down know that their level is a postacol glue. And by that, I mean, a manager who is on the way up, who takes the Spurs job as a means to push himself and the club forward.

So he's very much in the Platchatino mold versus the conte merino mold, which were spurs are already at the level, and we need this manager to push us on.

Now it's spurs are down a level, and we can grow together. So I think that's the difference, and I think plus the toggle is that person.

ust sent a second offer about:

It's not enough. It's not enough for him, but the number itself according to I mean, the numbers that we're seeing right now, really, it it's not it's it's not enough. However, I don't think Levi is doing it because of the amount.

It might be a might be a part of it. But I I do believe that he's just a ruthless ruthless owner, that the fact of the matter is, Cain wants to leave, and I don't want him to leave.

I I feel like it's -- Yeah. -- you know, I mean, actually actually, I'm a I'm a refer to sorry, Alex Ferguson that that said, I I had I had the hip surgery was better than dealing with with Levy with with the Barbatov area.

The Barbatov area. I think I think the issue with Harry Cain, and we'll we'll probably end up talking about it for a while is he's a ruthless player on the pitch.

I don't think anyone can doubt his commitment there. But his off the field persona is not ruthless. He's not Mbappe, who we're gonna talk to about.

He's not Cristiano, he's not a me me me me me me, and that's what makes him great. But in order for him to get this move, he has got to to use the English term, throw the toys out of the pram.

So get mad, say I'm not coming to training, I'm not doing anything. You move me or you're I will sit and be ready to sit. So that's the thing that I don't see. I don't get the sense that he really wants to go to Byron Munich.

He really go to City, he played his hand, and his big issue is that and all spurs know fans know this. After the World Cup in 20 18, he signed a 6 year deal. That was his fault.

He trusted Levy. He blew it. And this is still this is the last year of that 6 year deal he signed in August of 18. And he's living with that deal. And he's probably not paid well enough. And Levi is not gonna let him go.

Sorry. He's not gonna publicly let him go because he's a PR conscious person. He doesn't want the fans to put all those Levy out signs if he sells Kain. But with 1 year left on a deal, at 30 years old, I think eighties a good number.

Hold out for a hundred at best? I mean, money wise money wise, similar to the Mbappe case. What Cain could do is just stay 1 more year and actually get that transfer fee both to him.

right, I'm I'm gonna give you:

It's 50. You know? I offer 70. I'm a give you 50. They they they players get those nowadays. I11 more thing that I do think is real and I think is under sold. Cain is English. English players, especially older ones, don't move around.

The younger players have learned that it's actually good. Your son chose and now your bellingham is now gonna be a really big mark of like, oh my god, we can move and do stuff. But Cain is from that earlier generation who doesn't move.

His wife is pregnant with their fourth kid. He's not moving to Germany. Oh, you don't think he he's go he he he's gonna go to the barony. You know you don't think it's He he I don't think he wants to go.

But what He'd rather have to go. So but why would he even do this? Why would he even Because he wants to win and he has no choice. He's gonna he's either he'll either stay at Spurs or take this buyer deal.

But I don't think he's gonna sign a long term deal his what? I'm telling you. His you've got kids. Yeah. You can't be having a newborn and be in Germany with 3 kids.

He's out of his mind. Why there? He's family with her. Why not? Yeah. I can, like I think so so this needs to separate. From his from the family perspective, you can just see the conversation going on with the wife.

She's probably, like, Come on, Arie. Why don't we stay with spurs? What? I'm gonna have a baby. And he's like, I can't stay here. This seems terrible. If he was just a single guy brain. You go to buyer.

No problem. But as a family man with a white with a kid on the way and 3 kids, And then the goal records there, all that stuff is gotta be like, he wanted Citi and he blew it and Citi went, Alright. Holland's ready. See you later Harry.

We're done. Yeah. I mean Do it. But I don't think that I mean, I think if this this is continuing the way it's continuing with the rumors and actually this was way before Byron Munich put in an offer for for for for King.

So I think if the he is if this is happening, still ongoing, I I believe he's wanting to go in. I believe he's wanted he's planning to go right now. Because why he could've just just said it, hey, I don't wanna go.

I'm good. I'll stay another year or look for another offer in the Premier League. But Barern munich for them to send another offer. Leave he's not selling them in the Premier League.

It's not happening. United somehow don't have money because they're the worst 1 club in the division. New Castle, that would be a logical place, but it would be weird. To see him at Newcastle.

It would be a real, like, okay. Buy spurs. New Castle's now in the top 4. We're going for it. Although I think it's a it would actually be a good fit. But but listen, I think hurricane could make any team a contender.

Obviously, match the United's. Awesome. Match the United has been talking about it. And I do believe that if Hurricane goes to Memphis United, they're back on top. Because he is a gold machine He's a goal scoring machine.

He's the guy they need. I still don't think they're they could beat Citi, but it would be really I I do believe that he mentions United has to be monitored in this situation, but I just don't understand why they have an active.

Why they haven't made an offer. I and but Levy is not gonna there's no way Levi is gonna sell them to much the United. That's the thing. IIII don't believe that there's if there's 1 team that he won't sell into, his match to the United.

I I don't I mean, all the stuff that went with 10 years ago with Verbatov. It's 15 years. Yeah. The ideal team, if history were clean, and we were doing SAF level United.

The move would have been to United. It would have been done. It would have been over. They done it already. Right? Exactly. Yep. And it's the right fit and the right player and the right time.

Right? He's the next step that goal scorer who puts goals in. They would have Bruno and Ericsson and Mount feeding him the ball and you'd have Shaw crossing it in and they'd have different ways to score.

. But where's the hundred and:

I don't I mean, Mount I don't think I don't think when you are in the middle of a sale, if you've ever bought a house or you've ever been in in escrow, you don't mess around your bank account because all the loans are attached to it.

All the interest rates are attached to it. Everything around your finances has to be kind of locked up while you're waiting for the interest rate to go the right way so you can buy your home.

Manchester United are in the middle of trying to get an extra hundred million dollars, half half a billion dollars onto the price tag of their team.

e mood to spend a hundred and:

And that took months. You think they're gonna close a Harry Cain deal if that's Well, I mean With Levy in in in 6 weeks?


This is a team that spent:

But let we got let's finish up with this Cain thing. Ains passed the COVID. He he he he he said he talked to him and said, hey, you're part of the plan. But of course, he probably wants to know what's gonna happen.

I mean, he has a a team to to to get ready for for the next season. So With or without pain, it's a big deal. Have signed sal salomon nurse salomon, a nice winger, kind of in kind of in the sunny role, similar player.

So you could see them taking Richard Allison, taking Kuleshevsky, taking Men or Solomon and just being like, you know what? Wow. We got Madison. We're just gonna go without that might be it.

They might just that's how we're gonna play. We're gonna go over with Charlison, Manar Solomon, Sunny Kuleshevsky, play Madison behind them, to connect them, to win all the footballs, and just go with that front 4.

That might be it. It might be like Harry Cain. Thanks. See you later. Yeah. We'll see how this them going with that. This Well, that's a that's a pretty That's not a great team, but it might work.

They still like they need 3 defenders. Richard Wilson is pretty is pretty good. I think he can kinda sorta I mean, nobody's gonna replace Kain, but he he is a he he did a good job at Everton.

I mean, I thought he was gonna be bigger than what he is. But What I would do, What I would do, I my understanding is it doesn't look like mister Sadio mane is having a good time in Germany.

How much could you get him for? Yeah. That's true. We can do a little swap. We can do a little swap deal.

Yeah. You can do a little swap. You wanna do a little make weight? Sure. Oh, you wanna give us 80 80 in manet and what we got a deal. No. No. No. You know, you're not gonna get that. But that's that's what leave you with today.

Why not? That's:

It's your man. Oh, yeah. To Toten them. Yeah. Yeah. No. Yeah. You don't wanna do that. You definitely do not want I don't think Although, the Potenem is not a move that happens very and I feel like that's 2 teams that don't really swap.

The only 1 I could think of is Robbie Keene going to Liverpool but then coming back after a couple stops in between.

Yeah. I know. Anyways, we'll be right back with with more news. And we we got a lot to talk about, man, Babpe, Naimar, and everything. So we'll be right back. Stuff football club dot com, we'll be back.

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Alright. We are back, ladies and gentlemen here at top f c radio dot com with the soccer talk, my man, the rank routines, Chris Rodriguez here live with Duke. And, hey, man, what's up with Chelsea got a New Jersey, a new shirt?

I saw that. Yeah. Without a sponsor. No sponsor. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I thought it was okay. The the Crest being, like, oh, it was a little bit odd. I I'm more traditionalist. Like, Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know.

Don't don't don't mess with your crest. Well oh, sorry about that. Yeah. I mean, just the color. I mean, they changed the color to it. I wasn't used to that. It kind of caught me off guard. Yeah. Quite the blue it's supposed to be.

And So in in the crash. I mean, it still got the the line right there, you know. I mean, that that that's good. But you know, I think you think Chelsea I don't think there's a team right now that can afford not to have it sponsored.

It it doesn't matter how big they are. III mean, I think it's a waste Well, I mean Everything. It's just I think that, you know, I'm sure they have it for sale. I'm sure someone's gonna come with a number and they'll get 1.

If you remember, Nottingham Farris started the season last season without a sponsorship either. And in the middle of the season, they ended up with 1. So they'll probably pick 1 up. Maybe they're hiding they wanna hide revenue.

They haven't found the right Saudi company to put on the cover of their shirt. You know, you know, I'll I'll Faraka. Maybe they'll just put the they advertise the Saudi league league on the Chelsea shirt, which would be even funnier.

But it is it is a little bit weird and, you know, at this time of season, lots of weird stuff happens. So not surprised.

Alright. Well, let's talk about killing and Bobby, man. I I mean, I've made so many videos on YouTube about this and so mean, they actually get the most interaction. We get the most views out of talking about him, Bobby.

So we're definitely gonna follow the algorithm and talk about him some more. And but but I mean, what Lenardo, who was a former PSG, sport and director, came out and spoke to Lakekeep about about killing about bait.

And I don't Obviously, he He's out, so I think he'd he's done this for just so people can talk about him.

But people are talking about him. Of course, you know, he said for the good of PSG, I think the time has come for Mbappe to leave whatever happens.

And he also insisted that PSG existed before killing him by pay and will exist after him. He has been in Paris yas been in Paris for 6 years.

And in those 6 seasons, 5 different clubs, I won Champions League, real madrid in 18, 20 22, Liverpool, in 19 Byron Munich in 20 20, Chelsea in 21, and, of course, your matches their city just this past season 20 23.

So and he said none of those who had Mbappe in their ranks.

So what do you think about these these words of Leonardo Is he just hurt or actually does he have a point? No. No. III think I think that there's clearly something broken at that club.

I think that, you know, if if you and I'll bring Manchester's City into this because they're kind of similar in terms of the time frame of when they did what they did, you know, getting the the oil state state ownership, Qatar for PSG, and the UAE for for City even though sheikh mansur or he's not the government.

He is the government. And they went about it in 2 different ways. Right? Citi went about building the team.

Aside from the first couple of years, the first 2 years, there were some big signings and it kinda didn't work well. But eventually, they did simply say, who are the bet what's the best rent club in the world right now?

o. And so that ended up being:

Not Fairon Torres. I don't remember his name. His last name is Fedadon. First name, Fedadon. And Chiggyvajarasthan, they put in place a version of La Masia, of building players up, and Citi started buying young players.

And they focused on a style of play and a philosophy of player that fit in to the cruyff model of no one's bigger than the team. The team comes first. The success will happen with an eye at getting Pep to run this team.

And they had a long term plan, and the players did not have personality. It was very much team driven, play driven, egos aside. On the other side, you had PSG's model who went for you know, they went for They went for his lots on.

They went for Kivani. They went for stars, big personalities where the chairman was actually part of that group, and the coaches were undermined and churned out.

And there didn't seem to be a plan they were more interested in building brand Paris and selling it to Nike and getting connected to Jordan than they were to their on field winning.

I liken it to almost a real versus versus Barcelona where you have a Galactico's Go ahead. Go ahead.

You have a galactic ghost versus this sort of plucky Barcelona. So I I think that is we are where the inmates running the asylum. The team, the players on the team are bigger then the club, and they undermine the coach at every turn.

And so whenever Naimar is unhappy, he doesn't go to the coach goes to I think his name Is it Khalifa? Ulta. I don't know his name. Yeah. And they do that. And Leonardo was in the middle of that.

And I think he knew the difficulty of being the sporting director, the difficulty of being the sporting director on that team is impossible, because you can't make the decisions, because the players are running the team.

And once Naimar was there, it really became more than that.

And I think that's the environment that embodied has come up in, and he came up with Naimar, and he's very much aligned with I think that there's another cultural piece that's coming through.

And This might just be my own anecdotal observance, but the culture of the NBA of LeBron specifically of the player empowerment era, if you call it that in basketball, where you say, I just signed a 5 year deal.

I'm in year 2, I want to leave, trading is very much permeating back and forth, soccer players reflecting back on on on on NBA and the NBA reflecting back.

And I think that there are players who view themselves as a brand and are in charge should and I get it, and I agree with it, but it makes for a difficult running club when you have a player.

Who essentially said, going where I want to, when I want to, do it for me now. And you will get the players that I say, you should get in or I'm leaving.

So I think that is very difficult. And it it it's it's chafing in football, and European football against something that I think is different. And at real Madrid, no player is bigger than real Madrid. Club is bigger than the players.

Yeah. Yeah. And so he's trying to bring this new model of like, I'm bigger than PSG, because Mbappe is bigger than PSG, but when you clash that against real Madrid, And I can't They're not bigger than real Madrid.

Real Madrid said to Christiano. Bye. Well Well But I do I do enjoy it. I do agree with that. I mean, I do agree that But I don't I don't agree that anybody is bigger than the club. I don't I don't agree with that.

I mean, you mean, as great as Donielle Misty I I don't I don't agree that that any player is bigger than any club, especially these clubs that are pretty, you know, legitimate like like Barcelona Like, Messi's Messi was never bigger than than Barcelona.

You know, Messi was Right.

I agree. PSG is not I mean, Mbappear is never gonna be over PSG even though they don't have as much history. I think I I It's simply because players pass. I think Mbappe is bigger than PSG. And that's that's Leonardo's point.

He's like, you're bigger than PSG. Just go. If you think you're if you're bigger. Now here's the issue. PSG's only formed in the seventies. It's big locally in Paris, but they're the they have the same problem as Manchester City.

Yep. They don't have any history. They have nothing. I mean, you know, they're like any team in the French league is kind of Right. You know, loses some juice.

If anything, the biggest team in France is Marseille and they're kind of, you know, also a big local team. They have a lot of stuff downtown, but, no, it it any any big player in France is gonna be bigger than the club.

And but I think it's a modern phenomenon, Chris, is these idea that the players are actually learning through time that they are sometimes bigger than the club. Well, yeah, that's that's the problem now. To go where they wanna go.

What? That's I mean, that's definitely that's definitely the problem. When, you know, they but you enable that also by paying them all this kind of money. You enable I mean, Mbappe -- Sure. -- his contract is insane.

Yeah. You know,:

You know, that's insane. Of course, you're gonna feel like But but but but the the issue, Chris, now, is that these players this is where the this is where the state money becomes a problem.

Right? Like, there's a couple clubs that can pay that kind of money. Right? The the Primarily Club's PSG Parson real, Parcel to a lesser extent now.

There's nowhere they can go. He has no leverage. Mbappe. He's essentially said, I'm only going to real Madrid, and this is the only team that can pay me. And real madrid's like, yeah, we're the only team that can pay you.

We're not gonna pay what you want. You can stay at Paris, enjoy, but you're not bigger than us. Florentino Perez is a very shrewd operator, and he does not like to be screwed over.

Because he did screw him over last year. Right? When he got the big contract from Paris and tricked real Madrid. Real Madrid does Philon's data programs is not cool with that. And he's just like, oh, I'll pick you up on the flip side.

Oh, I'll I'll catch you later. No. No. No. I think, you know, Mbappe stayed because he wanted that experience of playing with Messi to see what it would be like when really he should have left.

Because once Messi was there and have the 3 upfront, 3 of them not defending and you have to defend with 7, that team was broken immediately because they couldn't play the 3 of them together. It didn't work.

No. At the highest level, it worked in France and they could fuck around, and it was fine. So when you were going against legit teams So you do agree with Donar as I said, for the good of PSG, he the time has come for him to leave.

Yeah. He's got to I mean, for the good of PSG is broken right now. They need to have no stars. They need to go down a level But but, I mean, can you win can you actually win a champions league with that with no no star?

I don't know if that's possible. Well yeah. I think you can. I mean Tell me a team that has won a p the the What star what star was on Chelsea?

No. But you need to have that 1 player, though. That No. Yeah. You can. Of course, you can. But what I'm saying is is is is a mentality wise of just like -- Yeah.

-- strip it down, bring it down to the level of, like, these are the guys who want to be here, who run for each other, will play for the shirt, are not bigger than a club. This still talent wise superstar, but the egos are gone.

Right? You strip that piece away, and you're just like, okay, we have Namar. We understand he's here. That's fine. Because they can't move him, and he's not going anywhere. Okay. We'll play around Neymar.

We'll play him as a number 10, and he can do whatever he wants, but everyone else will work around him. Right? The other piece that I think PSG need to do that I think is criminal, honestly, this is a team that's in Paris.

That has access to the greatest natural resource in all of Europe, which is the Banwales and the poor kids outside of Paris. France produces more good players than any European country and it's not close.

If you look at the World Cup, the Last World Cup. Players born in France made up 50 players. Basically, the Algerian team, it's French, the Moroccan team, it's French. They're basically populating a whole group full of players.

Not to mention the players who are French and can't make it onto the French team. They've gone to World Cups without benzema. That's how good they are. Right? They have center backs Whoa. What was that?

They don't play so much. We have to play a promo in between. That's how good France are. They broke the show. Hey. But you say it right there though. I mean, listen. If if if in buffet leaves And and that Paris don't have those players.

They're not putting players through an academy. They're not putting for you. Now now listen. If Mbappe leaves, they're looking at Marcus Restford who just got a renewal contract from Manchester's United.

I mean, can't they kinda they kinda look similar, but I I mean Marcus Rashford is big and good because he plays for Manchester United, I don't think he's really that much better than Ollie Watkins. I'm not being funny. Oh my god.

You he got he got 1 hell of a renewal. I'll tell you that. But I mean He wasn't English and didn't play for Manchester United, he would be just another very talented winger. He's not that good. And he does play a wing -- Just not.

-- like and but Pei actually tends to play in the middle. But, of course, also the wing, you know, on on usually on the left side. Yes. They do play the same position because Mbappe in his fanciness doesn't wanna be a 9.

For some reason. Yeah. Which if he goes to real Madrid, he is definitely gonna have to be that because Venish is he's not a striker. He's not gonna move. And they're gonna play him.

So Yeah. I yeah. I I don't I don't I think the funny thing about Mbappe is and and I get the sense that he's a good guy. Like, I don't think that he's the bad guy. He seems super articulate. He seems to know what he wants.

He seems to know where he wants to go. And maybe we chalk it up till he's 23. He's trying to manage this moment of going from leaving his home, leaving PSG and going to real madrid, and he's just having a hard time.

I mean, maybe we can chalk it up to this is his decision. Right? He's trying to do the Lebron power move and he's just getting it wrong.

Right? Yeah. But I I mean But ultimately, his destiny is real. Yeah. It is. But I think that He also and his his people around him are worried about money as well as they should, but there can be both.

Because Ramender is never gonna pay you the 7 minus PSG. Or It could be both in a sense that you can wait until next year.

r transfer fee, a hundred and:

The funny thing isn't The funny thing is, and and I I of course, this is my premier league centric brain. Yeah. And and and the romantic brain, and we talked about it in a chat.

I just I look at Arsenal. I'm like, oh, go get him. Go get him. Go get him. Hey, arsenal. Make him on read. But you know the find it. Just do any just sell a fucking Walmart. Just do it cronky.

Just find the money. Stop 1. They definitely they definitely got the money for it. They they got the money. I think they got the money for it. I mean, it's a free agent. Or or even United, like, this is the kind of player, like, United.

You You wanna sell shirts, you wanna do something ridiculous. Screw Harry Cain. You sign in Bape. You give him that 7 You're like Garnacho, Salte. Get the hell out of here with that set. You you don't have to play ever again.

We'll loan you somewhere. You can go play a PSG for with with it. We'll send you to PSG as a make way. You put that red shirt on Mbappe coming down the wing like Cristiano, and then he can go to real when he's 27.

Something like that, like, just you just want the romantic in me as much as it would pain me. You do want Arsenal and United to to step forward and and just do something Well, they were they were pulling. I know it's not happening.

They're not into Rumerville, whatever. Well, no. It Arsenal and Liverpool are in the rumor mill. Now whether it's gonna happen or not, that's that's a whole different story. You know? Liverpool Liverpool aren't doing that.

I don't know, man. Liverpool pulls Liverpool's guy was Holland and they blew it. That was the guy they would get. He's so Liverpooly. I mean, He is the player that that you need to put your money into.

So, I mean, if you're saving it, I don't know who else you're saving it for. You know? It's Yeah. Well, they're gonna have to replace van Dyeck because I think Van Dyke is whoa.

Anyway, we can we we have plenty of time to talk about all the people. Even though they're actually very they've had a great summer, so to be let's get let's get into the transfer rumor report, transfer gossip, and -- Oh.

-- well, first of all, we're gonna we're gonna dive into name our situation. But apparently, he he was his agent referred him to Barcelona, and Barcelona said, wait, we we don't have the money for him.

And they think that he might generate disruption into into the the locker room with Shavi and the new and those guys. Want him. They don't need him. Yeah. They don't need him. That ship is sailed. That was 10 years ago.

This dude named That was 10 years ago. 2 years ago, he was there. The stats. Look up the stats. He has gotten worse every year for 5 straight years. Yeah. His goals and assist ratio declining, minutes declining. He's getting worse.

He's going down the path of the Brazilian curse. They have historically anecdotal, whatever the story is. And I and I don't believe it because I look at someone like Fernando who played forever and Tiago Silver is playing forever.

But the front end player, party boy, peaks at 22, 23, and just declines. He's gonna go down in the footsteps as a player that people love. I was never a fan of his. You know why his career is ending the way it is?

Because he held on to the ball too long, tried to embarrass people, and they kicked him, and he deserved it. Because he was trying to embarrass people too often what could have been just a simple pass He wanted to be the man.

Love him. And now he's stuck there with all tattoos kissing his sister on their birthdays. It's fucking weird, buddy. He he he's actually desperately trying to get his way back to Kim now.

But I don't think he's gonna happen. His wages are really high of course, the PSG, they can afford it. There's no way. But they They're broke. Yeah. Moono said that Gary Mendo said he he was declined.

Barcelona said he's not He's not able to come. And, of course, we talked about Marcus Rashford sounding for PSG. We'll see what happens. Now, Andrea, none has moved to Manchester United.

It's on the verge of completion with the daily mail saying that the goalkeepers should be announced on Wednesday. What do you think about that, man? That was that was also from Fabrizio Romano.

I think it would be unfair to not give some respect to David De Heya, who represents the keeper from the worst era of Manchester United. You can tell I'm a city fan, There for 10 years, 1 of the last signings of sir Alex Ferguson.

The last he and Phil Jones leaving the club here is a big stat for everyone. There is no there are no players on Manchester United rosters who have won the Premier League.

That's how long they haven't won for. So the Hale was the last player. He was the goalkeeper for the 20 11. That's a that's a good stat. That's crazy.

Yeah. Yeah. He was the last goalkeeper and they just let him go because I think his shortcomings of 1, not coming for balls in the box and 2, being afraid to make passes on the ball which is ironic being a a Spanish keeper.

He was never good with his feet. And I think 10 Hogg really is to improve that area of the team. I think it will make a difference to have on Nana, but respected the heya, 4 time player of the season 4 united.

I don't know what that says about bad seasons that they're goalkeeper. Was their player of the season 4 times. That's not good. But he had some really good save, some really amazing moments, but he's also had Seviyah.

He also had against City and Napa cup, a shinshot with that Gundagun. It made it look really good, but it was really off rolled down his leg and he kind of went in the middle of the goal.

So he giveth and taketh away. He got away with a he got away with being at United for a long time because There were so many other problems.

He became the last problem. He was like the son who was like, he'll be fine. We'll get our divorce, but I'm sure I'm sure Davi will be fine. We can't we can't spend money on a keeper.

We need to buy Samsung. We need to buy Pogba. We need to buy Di Maria. We need to buy Harry Maguire. We need to do all these things all the time. And they kinda just took the Haya for granted and just left them there all those years.

And it probably went 1 year too long, but, you know, he was a good servant for the club, and I think any men United fan knows the saying of Dave saves.

And he's gone. I don't know where he's gonna go. He'll be good for any club, I'd say, but I don't think his days as a top left champions league keeper are long. I can't see what team he would go to.

Maybe maybe Ramel Lukaku. Ramel Lukaku's reported willing to take a pay cut to stay at enter even though sign it to come back to to Chelsea, which that's kind of a love I I don't know what's going on with Lukaku.

He's like He cannot he cannot play it Chelsea. I'm gonna try it here and then I go back to Chelsea or go back to enter, and just explain this he's displaying that game.

He he he completely alienated himself from the Chelsea fans in that interview that he gave, essentially just self destructing his Chelsea career being like, I should have never come here.

I always wanted to be at Chelsea. I'm an interested forever. And then, you know, 2 goal heads of tension.

They got somebody to hate now. They got they got to hate Mount. So, I mean, you probably go on the news. Oh, mount. You'll probably go unnoticed. The Chelsea fans will hate will hate will hate mount.

They'll just, like, alright. Fine. It's so weird what's happened with Lukaku. He it's just the weirdest. They needed that striker if you remember the first 5 games of that season that he he was incredible.

They had that 1 1 against I believe he was the best striker in the world at 1 point. I wouldn't go that far. No. I He was okay. I mean, I thought he was.

And and he and he could have proven my point a little bit if he scored that stupid goal against Manchester City in the final. He had it right there, but I don't know what you were doing. You're definitely closing your finger.

I think that I think he he suffered from the same issue that a lot of that strangely happens in football that is just shocking to me is that a player looks like they should have a skill But the way they play does not fit with their body.

Every striker, every coach wanted Lukaku to be Stryker, who played with his back to goal, could hold the ball up and get in a box and play like a traditional English number 9.

When that's not what he was, he wanted the ball to beat and he wanted to run-in behind. He wanted to play like Obama yang all the time.

And he had great shots in the box if you could get it to him. But my issue with him was when they were big the bigger the game, the worse he was. And so when you're at a big club, you can't be a small game player.

You need to be a big game player. Right? Alright. They would rather you don't score against the bottom 5 clubs and score against the top 5 clubs, whereas Lukaku was the other way around.

He just couldn't score against good teams. Liverpool's long rumored bid for Kepren Turam will not be happening anytime soon according to 1 football.

I don't know if that's that's covered or not. But he's actually signing for a Liverpool. I I don't know if he was signing for Arsenal as well.

Apparently, it's not gonna have it for him. Is that Lilian Turan's son? Is that the 1 who is playing in Wolfsburg or Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think I think he's related I think he's related to him.

I'm I'm never sure, but, you know, that's that's what's happening. Now Oh, at the fuck. Recently hired Stephen Girard as the new manager and the former RAD's midfielder wasted no time.

God. Trying to raid his own side. Now let let's jump on that, man. Actually, leaving leaving the transfer room report and getting on this the Jered subject. And he explained why.

He changes mine. He said, quote, when I went to Saudi, I got the real family feeling. He made me actually feel welcome. You know, because England -- Okay. -- Liverpool looks a lot like Saudi Arabia, you know. And so -- Really?

There are there are 3 things out I considered in order. It needs to be right for my family, first and foremost, we have to be excited and motivated by the challenge. Secondly, I think the football project needs to be ambitious.

There's a lot of ambitious in in Saudi or in the Saudi league. You know, they're hiring everybody and buying and spending all the kinds of money. So he said also, it needs to be for the right reasons.

And then, of course, you need to feel secure with the contract. Hey. That's a high that's a high amount of area right there. Secure the contract. Those go together. But this comes at the very end, he said. What do you think?

I'm a let you have it, man, and I'm fixing things here back. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. I I blasted Liverpool already. I blasted the sanctimony of their scousers, and I do like CVG. He came up when he was at Villa.

I really thought he was gonna do a good job. I really thought that that job he did at Celtics, which is a massive, massive club to go undefeated in the Scottish League is not nothing, but the underlying prompts were there.

The tactical naivety, the lack of a plan, that really caught up with him after his second in command left the team.

And then to see, you know, I didn't to see that villa squad that he put together that was really quite good and played really hard for him implode within 15 games.

And I think what really has damaged him is that Emery came in and completely turn that team around.

I don't think it would be as damaging to to Gerard had Emery not turn the team around. And so he loses a lot of his luster of that CVG leadership, that sort of calming amazing fiery player that we know that he was and plays on.

And and I don't regard him. He goes to to Saudi Arabia to get a check. But this is not a football project. This is not anything about football.

money when someone gives you:

Enjoy it, please. Enjoy the hundred and 10 degree heat. Enjoy, you know, you know, your children having to wear headscarves.

Enjoy it. Because I know he has all daughters. So enjoy that. It's gonna be great for them and your wife. So enjoy it, SteveG. I'm sure they have fish and chips somewhere in Saudi Arabia.

Look, all he has to say is all he has to say Listen, it it it it's it's a next project. Move on. He didn't have to talk and say all that, do all that denying like, a week before he he he accepted this this job.

And at this point, man, I'm I'm gonna call it just bull crap, man. III like him. I I do. I I think he was an exceptional player. I think he was 1 of the best that I've ever seen do it.

But when you're wrong, you're wrong, and when you contradict yourself like this, then you need to be criticized for it. If it's what it is. We talked about this before too. I mean, I don't think he cares that much.

He's pretty tough, like, he's, he survived the slip, even though he said it eats at him every day, so Steve Gerard Gerard, Gerard, you fell on your fucking ass, you gave it to Demba ba, Gerard, Gerard. So but now you fell on it again.

You said something and now you're in now you're now you're in Saudi Arabia. Enjoy it. Alright. So let's dive a little bit. We we talk we we talk about some of these things on the transfer room report, but O'nana to United.

I mean He's incredible. Do you really do you really think that matters? I mean, I understand that the 10 Hags -- Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. It matters. And and I'll tell you how it matters. It doesn't matter in like long passes.

It doesn't matter. It's not about it's not about, you know, these sort of doing tricks and cruyff turns with the ball at your feet or all these things. What matters is the build up, the speed, and the confidence to play.

And how it'll manifest for men United is, and why the hey, I was so poor, was it it's that you go slow and you allow teams press to get to the positions that they want to be at you allow them to cut mark players.

And if you don't have a keeper who can make the pass that is to the open man, you see it all the time with Alison and and and and Edison, they chip it over the first line of defense, or they do hit the long ball.

They needed somebody who could hit a long ball to rashford on the break and have confidence and play that half a second faster to open up the spaces so that they could get moving. And I think that is what the difference will be.

It won't be in the goal keeping saving. It will be in attack that ONana will make a huge difference for United I'm a big believer in pace, in rhythm, in catching moments, that defenses are in set.

Primarily defense now is so good. Almost every team has a way they want to play. And if you go slow, they will stuff you back into your goal.

And ONana will allow United to pace, and get their players on the break, get them moving, hit passes on the half turn to Ericsson, so he's on his front foot, can turn and move.

And that's what the hare wasn't doing. He was getting stuck with Harry Maguire's back square to him, hoping that an atom ball didn't come, or seeing Maguirene being afraid to over to the next because he would kick it out of bounds.

And invariably, he would try and kick it to Luke Shaw and did kick it out of bounds, and then they'd be on the defensive again.

Onan, I should allow United to have a lot of flow and be less defensively vulnerable to turnovers. I think we're gonna we're gonna have a lot of talks about on that this season because I I think it's coming.

I think the moment where he screws up badly with his feet. We're going back here. Talking about. Oh, of course. Of course. Of course. Should that matter? I mean, we saw what happened to Argentina, we've covered yet.

Of course. But 10 Hogg is gonna say, that's what I want him to do. If he's not doing that, I'd be upset. Alright. Well, there you're gonna be upset. Because United had Van Desar.

Vandasar invented that shit under Vangal and then at United. The best version of United had a ball playing center back I mean, a ball playing -- Okay. -- keeper. It was Bandasar who hopefully is gonna be okay at a brand aneurysm.

Hopefully, he didn't die. Alright. Well That they invented it. Yeah. We have underserved, by the way, he is hospitalized with a brain bleed. And we'll see we'll see what happens with that.

And okay. So next 1 -- Hopefully. -- followed by the response to Tiago Silva's transfer claim. Tiago Silva said that he'd be a great addition, AAA massive signing for the blues and he I need to to Chelsea? Yeah. He probably would be.

However, he came out and said he's good he's good he's good at he's good at he's good in Rome, and he plans for staying. So But do you see? Better looking as a man than as a football player. It's literally so handsome.

I can't even look at him. Those green eyes. He looks like 1 of the guys from the umbrella academy, that little guy. But as a football player, I don't think that his role he's 1 of those number ten's that's kind of where is that role?

Who's doing that? Who's gonna run for him? Like, He needs to have the whole offense to be on him so that he can be the best player.

Right? He needs to be able to be in that number 10 role, He needs to be able to dictate things, go where he wants to, get those 1 twos, and then take the shots that he wants to.

In a modern pressing Front 3, the way that Pochettino is gonna want to play a Belsa player The Bibala is not a beelza player. He should be nowhere near Chelsea.

He doesn't run enough. He doesn't work hard enough. There's no way that's gonna work. Alright. Did you see Barcelona's remodel only thing, man? They're demolishing What's that? Did you see Barcelona's remodel thing? You hear me?

I did not see Barcelona. I mean, they've been working on it for a while. Yeah. They've been working on it. They tear that thing up. I was like, dang. They're about to build a whole new but a Spotify putting that money on there, man.

n't sell out now and it's got:

Way over that. What are they doing? I think that I don't know. But they're they're I saw the video on social media and it and it was I mean, it's massive.

They're tearing everything. So then it cheap? Is it for tourists? Like, what what is the plan? Like, what they I don't know. I don't understand what they're why they're trying to go bigger. Yeah. Uh-huh. Doesn't make any sense.

I have no idea. Just to finish I'll make fun of my own club. City keeps on putting in more seats. I'm like, who who who's going to these? There's not there's not that many people in Manchester. There's nothing more.

Where are these people? Where are they coming from? Just to finish off Brandon Aronson, US National, Hey. He's joining Union Berlin. He goes from leads to the Champions League. He goes from relegation to a Champions League team. Yeah.

Union Berlin, 1 of the best stories in all of football coming from 5 levels deep a club owned by its supporters, when they were running out of money, they banded together, painted the seats to the stadium, you wanna talk about a team that is connected to its club.

They have nights where they're on the road, where everyone will put fold out couches on the grass and you watch games in the stadium, it is a team that is connected.

There's a there's those 4 pillars, ownership, supporters, players, media coach, whatever.

They are aligned. That team is pulling in the same direction. That they got into the Champions League is a miracle. They had played really well in the Europa League, really, really cool story. You want I recommend them.

They're very much a Sean Disch type team, so it's very much 442 defense They go to the wall, they fight for every point they have, they take draws, it's throw ins, it's crosses, it's that kind of dirty English football style that that if you watch the championship like I do, you get to see once in a while.

But a good story and a team like that being the Champions League is incredible. They may not win a game, by the way. Yeah. But when they go away. I don't know what group they're in. I don't think they've done the draw for the chain.

But it's it's good for for them. But when they go away, they are gonna have the best support in all of your It's it's good for Aaron to get that championship experience to help the US man's national team.

I mean, I don't know I don't know what their side's like. I don't know if he will play. I still get the sense that Aronson is very much a lot of action and not a lot of product.

He seems to be on the ball moving, hassling, running, but then shoots the ball poorly. He really had a bad season that leads last year. Yep. Alright. Well, thank you for listening and watching to the to the Tucker Shaw.

Show tonight, brought to you by top f c radio dot com. That was the squeaky bum time podcast with Laurent Cortines. We are the football wing of the chop sports channel presented exclusively by the premier streaming Network.

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