Episode 274

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24th Sep 2023

Spurs STAKE their CLAIM as contenders - North London Derby REACTION - Premier League Matchweek 6 REVIEW

Step into the fervor of the North London Derby with us, where every soccer aficionado's heart beats a little faster. Expect to be enlightened with our dissection of the phenomenal performances from Sun and Saka, the missed opportunity by Gabriel Jesus, and our insight into why Raya has been trusted with the starting job over Ramsdale. We'll take you through every twist and turn of this adrenaline-fueled match, where despite Arsenal's initial dominance, the relentless Spurs made sure it ended in a rollercoaster draw.

Onwards, we'll take you to the Old Trafford, the stomping ground of Manchester United, as they faced off against Burnley. Our analysis of United's tactical approach and how their defensive strategy paved the path to victory promises to give you a new perspective on the game. Meanwhile, we'll ponder over Burnley's impressive stats and how their lack of a killer instinct may have cost them a draw. Together, we'll think about how Ten Hogg's plans could be shaping United's gameplay and identity.

Finally, we'll traverse through the challenges faced by Chelsea, the triumphant stride of Aston Villa, and the current standing of Liverpool. We question whether a managerial change at Chelsea is on the horizon, and delve into how the Abramovich era has shaped Chelsea, and their efforts to rebuild under Pochettino. There's also a round-up of the latest Premier League results and standings, with a spotlight on the impressive performances of Newcastle United and Brighton, and an examination of the current relegation zone. From the energy of the North London Derby to the tactical maneuvers of Manchester United, we promise a comprehensive analysis of the latest happenings in English Premier League for all you football enthusiasts out there!


(0:00:01) - North London Derby Analysis and Discussion

(0:13:40) - Analysis of Man Utd and Burnley's Football Approach

(0:21:18) - Chelsea, Liverpool

(0:34:53) - Premier League Results and Standings

(0:40:46) - Premier League Standings and Relegation Zone


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Hello and welcome to the squeaky bum time podcast. It is Sunday, september 24th. In this episode we will cover the whole Premier League. We will cover Everton getting things done. We will cover man United being terrible at Burnley. But today and for the whole day, there's only one place to go and it is the North London Derby.

But first, why have I been away for a couple weeks? Just wasn't able to get onto the show. I started a new job. I started new work, just started doing lots of things that sort of took me away from getting onto the show and I just wasn't able to be where I needed to be. And but I'm back for my Sunday recap. Gonna go through all the games, gonna go through that and I promise to be here all the time.

I want to thank Chris and the top FC radio crew. It's growing. He is doing so much. So please like and subscribe to the show. It means everything. If you're on the podcast, please like, share and subscribe to the show. It means everything. We need you, we love you and I'm happy to be back and so I get more things back out into the world that are just my show, just for me, because I think I feel best when I'm doing my own show. Sorry, I was touching stuff there. Chris has been fantastic, but you got to mix it up. Okay, where to start where to go? And we do start with the North London Derby Arsenal 2 Spurs 2.

This was a good, good game. I really enjoyed it. It had all the fight that you'd want to see from a North London Derby Guys flying all over the place, balls Not really a great football game in terms of quality, but everything else about it was there. It was loud, it was passionate, it was what you want a North London Derby to be. And you know your stars performing Sunny with two goals. Saka with his own goal, although it was more of a deflection on Romero and a penalty that Saka also scored. Really good, as expected. First 20 minutes Lots of Arsenal, lots of fight, lots of energy, expanded Lots of just what you'd expect from a North London Derby, and I really enjoyed it. Really good to see what's happening with Ange ball. Really good to see our Teta doing his thing. One of the things about this game was Gabriel Jesus starting out in Martinelli's spot, because Martinelli's out and then no Trossard so, and Ketia played in 9 with Gabriel out wide. It seemed to work. It didn't really hurt them. But you did see the problems with Gabriel Jesus, and that is he's not a great finisher. We saw him just miss a fantastic chance in this game that you wouldn't expect him to miss but he did and that did not go well. That was not great by him and we did see some trouble there.

I thought the Ramsdale-Raya conversation was not really a conversation. They keep talking about it like Ramsdale's gonna get his job back but Raya's just better, and the fact that there's no discussion about the statistics, about why the move was made. Ramsdale is just not as good. He's just not a quality keeper in the level of Raya and I think we're gonna figure that out over time. Our Teta is playing Koi and saying things like oh, I'm gonna rotate, I'm going to rotate, we're supposed to have competition for every place. I think that's bullshit. I think that he's ultimately made the decision he's going with Raya for the rest of the season. That's just what's gonna happen. That's where things are and I think you can see it already. Raya's just cooler, calmer and already making a difference for Arsenal.

That one was interesting and I didn't think that that was at all controversial to say. This game was very even 13 shots for both, 6 on target for Arsenal, 5 for Spurs. Arsenal did go up twice and get pegged back twice. I think where they're really gonna feel shitty and feel upset about it is the second goal, handball by Romero. It's on the line. That they had to go to VAR for this Was a surprise to me, or that it took so long, was not called on the pitch, but it was a clear handball. Is it harsh? Do we know what handballs are? Do we know how this stuff works anymore? Who the hell knows? But handball. He's on the line, he's blocking a goal, so Romero gets the handball call and from there, arsenal feel they're in good shape. They're usually a strong defensive unit. They usually control things really well and they probably felt like we're up to one at home.

We're gonna see this out, but there was something about Arsenal that didn't have control in this game that you could see with Spurs. They just kept going. They were relentless with how they were gonna play. They played out from the back every time they pressed, every time you knew what they were gonna do. They got in your face every time. Spurs never changed how they were gonna play and I don't think that Arsenal really picked up on that. And then Sun just gets right in after the mistake by Giorginho. He gets caught on a ball, madison plays him in. So Madison assists both Sun's goals.

The first goal on 42 at the end of the first half was really great. He spins sacra round, gets to the byline, cuts it inside for a really sharp diagonal run from Sun. Only Sun scores the goals like that Really really good. And then, of course, on the Arsenal side they've got to feel like the first half was theirs and they should have really had a couple. They should have been up 2-0 on I said the Gabriel J Zou's miss.

But Spurs kept plugging away, kept playing the way that they play, kept on showing that they belong, showing that they are ready for this fight. Arsenal have already been in the fight. This is now year two of their fight. Where they're supposed to kick on. It's sputtering a little bit. So if they're not bad, I think Arsenal are still really good. I still think Arsenal can win the league. I still think they have a good team. I still think it's all there. But it's not grooved.

They're in year two, they're in the second phase, they're in the hey, how do we get better on the margins phase? How do we improve? We went from Parte to Declan Rice. We went from Ramsdale to Raya. We've gone from Granite Shaka. Now we're trying out Hivert. So there's some pieces that aren't right, but for Spurs they're in the effervescent phase. They're in the. This is the beginning. We're seeing the light. We've got Pasta, cod glue, we've got Basuma playing like crazy, we've got Sarr. The midfield for Spurs was very, very good. They have so many things to be happy about and this draw is a positive spin for them.

I know Chris was arguing with me and we'll probably talk about it on Monday, just that, hey, spurs should feel like they should have won this. I think they're not ready for that. They're not really at that point yet. They may be later on, but I think for them this is a first step of going okay. We've played well, we have this new style, we have this new coach. Now we're going away to the Emirates and they're gonna start passing hurdles, if they are indeed where they wanna be Fearful for them.

James Madison makes a huge difference to this team and if he's out he came out of the game, got a hyper extended knee, played on a little bit but then came off. He and Sonny both came off and at that point Spurs were already kind of like, hey, we got this, we're not gonna try and we're gonna see this out Played much more defensive in the back 20 minutes of the game. But even that part of the game where Arsenal were really trying to win the game and I thought Spurs showed a lot of steel in the back half of the game and Arsenal could not break them down in the end. So everyone played their part and Spurs had to play differently towards the back half of the game. I take away from as a Spurs fan. I take away from this game.

We are here, we can play, we are a force to be reckoned with. We have one of those center backs in Van De Ven. I think they have a Saliba, a Van Dyke, a Diaz, one of these players that you can hang your team on and say, okay, you're gonna play, we're penciling you in. Van De Ven is a fantastic player. You have Spirit in Pedro Peoro, a kind of fighter. You have Speed and Youth in Yudogi. You have Saar and Basuma who are creating a pro-outr ownership, and you've got Sun and Madison who are connecting with each other, kuloshevsky and the other side of the ball and Manor Salomon are those wingers. We sort of find out which one is the right one in the moment.

That's how I think for Spurs, for Arsenal, this is not a bad result, but disappointing. These are games you've gotta win. I think that I don't wanna shit on Arsenal. I'm not saying that they're bad or they did something wrong or that they should feel bad about the performance. It was good, it's a Northlanderby, all those things are true. But they're a year ahead. They're really. Their aspirations are getting out of the group stage in the Champions League, pushing City for the title the whole way, being there at the end. And if this is a game that is indicative of if they can do that, then I don't know that. Arsenal are there.

Rice came out of this game, wasn't clear why Georgino came on. It was a little bit weird and he did. He was culpable for the goal. He got caught on the ball for the game tying goal. So that's a problem for Arsenal, but things are just not quite right and Ketya not quite right. It didn't feel as fluid After Rice came off. They lost control. I thought Rice was battling in there with Basouma and Sarr and when he came off, basouma and Sarr were able to control more of the game and that's probably why Spurs did have control, even though they were defending in the back half of the game. It seemed like any time there was pressure, if the ball got to Basouma, he could get to out of the first round of press and get 15 yards, 20 yards up the pitch and sort of relieve the pressure. So he was immense, just a really good and enjoyable game.

I've thought fantastic stuff. I really just liked the game. I liked the feeling of it, I liked the energy of it, I liked that it had a derby feel. It had what you wanted from a North London derby Lots of talking points and penalties and everyone's angry and no one feels good or anything. I think ultimately Spurs should feel better, but they may feel gutted that they didn't win. Ultimately they may feel like, hey, we stood up, we did what we were supposed to do, how we should win this game now.

But Arsenal move on and that's a really cool result, a really fun way to start the week, a really great game to enjoy, a really good game to feel good about. A really tink game to sink your teeth into. I'm just gonna go through other games. There was not a lot of great stuff, to be frank. It was a very weird week. But I think I'll go to Manchester United because they have been a story all week. They do go to Burnley at Turfmore on Saturday late and get the 1-0 win. It was not a great performance, it was a needed performance, it was a together performance, but a lot of this game Burnley were trying to play and trying to knock on the door. They just don't have the quality. As I was watching the game and the crosses were coming in and there were nice little touches around the box, like I said, keep an eye on this kid Koleosiu, really really good player, really really exciting player. But as I watched the game, I just kept thinking where is Burnley's magic? Who is the player who's going to make something happen? And it just it wasn't there and I think that was the difference in the game.

When the game started, I was in shock to see Johnny Evans paired at center back with Lindelof. I was like wow, that's bad, especially that whole side with MacTominay, regulon and Evans. I thought that was going to be a real, real problem for United. And they kind of identified it and just said you know what? We're going to sit deep, we're not going to try and do anything. And I thought Hannibal, playing in number 10. Really wasn't a 10. He really was playing deeper and defending. I saw him in the box defending, helping Regulon when he could, helping Evans, helping McTominay. He got on a ball. He was really good. I enjoyed him. But this was a united team. That was just like we're not losing this game no matter what happens.

And the moment came. They had two moments. One was Johnny Evans on a header. Hoylan was in his way. It was a VAR chalk off. I hated it. I hate VAR.

None of the players protested, nobody cared. Everyone thought Johnny Evans scored his first goal in eight years. Four Manchester United. He was supposed to have a moment. The old guy have his goal. He's smiling from ear to ear. No one on either team protested. James Trafford a little bit. Then, of course, var has to come in and ruin that moment. Fine, it's still nil, nil. But then Johnny Evans again playing on the ball. After a corner, his pass to Bruno Fernandez on a great run that he makes between in the half space, on the like between the center back and the full back, takes it on the volley, just pure sweet goal. And that's the difference. Burnley don't have a Bruno Fernandez. Burnley don't have a player of the quality that Bruno Fernandez is. This is a top, top level player who can conjure a bit of magic, and he does. And that's how United get their goal and they see it out.

I don't think people really realize and I've said it before a million times United last season were a defensive team. They were the third best defense. Their problem was they couldn't score and they're still having this problem. Tenhog seems to want to play, but what he has as a unit is a strong defensive unit. The best parts of it sorry mentality. The best parts of his team are fighting in defense and that made sense when he had the Rea because he was such a good shot stopper. And now they've kind of they're trying to break away from that. They've sort of lost their identity a little bit. I feel like United are at their best on the break and the more that Tenhog wants them to play, the less success they're going to have. Or it can be a very Van Halway, where it's very slow and deliberate buildup and really they defend with the ball. Maybe that's where they think they can find the right way to go defending with the ball playing slow, but they still don't really have a great identity.

I thought Hoylund was pretty good. Rashford didn't do much, didn't track back on one play where it was just like he was tracking the player. Then he just lets him go. And Burnley nearly scored a goal on a header. Onana was good. He needed that after the tough week.

But Burnley in the first few minutes Burnley will feel like they could have gotten at least a draw out of this game. They were good for a draw. They had two shots, one where they hit the bar and one that was a great save from Onana. But they had 62% possession, 647 passes. Burnley played. They were here for this game. Good pass percentage. A lot of good things happen for Burnley, but they don't have a killer. I know Chris likes to talk about that. Where is your killer? It was very reminiscent to me of like a a grand potter performance by Bright, where they had the ball. It looked good, everything was right. And then the second. There was a moment. The moments went to United.

So they get their win, they get out of it, but I'm hopeful for Burnley. They are in the bottom three. So they are there. It's fine. But I am hopeful because what I saw was actually pretty good. They'll beat someone playing like that and Burnley shouldn't feel bad. They should have beat Nottingham Forest, who are in and around them. They've played Spurs. We know that's a tough, tough, tough, tough game now. They gave up five. They played Aston Villa, lost. They've played Manchester City. Like who were they supposed to be beating in that group of three? Granted, the one game that they should have maybe won was against Forest, but they drew and they had a bogus goal chalked off by Sander Berg. So I think their games that are coming up, they'll look to that Luton game. They'll look to Chelsea. They'll feel like they can beat Chelsea at home. Chelsea's not very good. They'll look for a fight against Brentford and Bournemouth coming up. So Burnley I thought were pretty good. But for United, they take a breath. They have a sigh of relief.

One thing I noticed that Ten Hogg says a lot is the players. They went to the plan. So it seems like there's a very, very clear plan that Ten Hogg wants his players to stick to and he always mentioned stick to the plan, stick to the plan, stick to the plan. So I wonder if one of the things that's happening is they're not taking on what he's asking for or he's very much in the Van Gaal method. If I remember, when Rooney talking about Van Gaal, that he had these prescribed ways and rules about if the ball goes here, then the ball goes there. If the ball goes there, then you move here, like it was all very ordered and very deliberate. And if you remember the stodged kind of Van Gaal era, it was very slow, possession based. They had the ball, but it was slow and kind of reminds me of ten hog style. So maybe it's something with Dutch, maybe it's something.

Ten hog is more of a Van Gaal Acolyte versus a croif acolyte versus a Guardiola acolyte. You know, it feels like if you make the tree of coaches, I feel like the Azurbi and pepper together with Ange, and then there's sort of these possession guys that are like you know you have Unai Emery and and and and ten hog on the other side where it's possession, but very Stayed and controlled and whatever. So interesting stuff there that I think kind of Jibes together and I wonder if those things all go together. So interesting stuff there. I did like the game it was. You know United can feel good. They move on. They have to have a better performance, but otherwise they feel okay.

Onto other crisis clubs crisis, crisis, crisis. I will get to the other big boys, but Chelsea. They lose one nil to Aston Villa after a red card from Malagusto that probably was in the orange range called a yellow on the field. Vir review. It's nasty, he really catches the players ankle, and so a game where Chelsea probably would have Felt okay if it had been you know a, you know a nil, nil or whatever you know it's it becomes a one nil where they lose Chelsea.

ore times than any Year since:

I love Nico Jackson. I saw him in the summer series. It's clear it's not working. Like I said earlier, they've been creating stuff, but in this one they didn't create enough. Again, it's not really going that well for For Chelsea at all and I wonder if it's ever gonna get together. There's already talk about, there's already talk about Pochettino's time at the club. Is he gonna make it? I think if they change managers, they're crazy. I think if this thing even works, they're crazy. It's just gonna be a time of suffering for this club. There's just no other way to put it.

I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout to Unai Emery. You know he's had a bit up and down early in the season, but Aston Villa is mostly up, so they are hanging in there. They had a tough Fixture in Europe but Aston Villa get themselves off the mat, make sure that they don't lose two in a row. They lost to three to the legia Warsaw, but they do get back in the league. They beat Palace the week before. They can, they can rub the stink off of the Liverpool game. That didn't feel good, but they are in decent shape with Unai Emery. Ali Watkins a great striker, a kind of striker that any team would want, any team would need he scores the goal and they move on with their 1-0 win to the Emery.

I do have a thought about Chelsea that I think is an important thought, and it is this Chelsea are not a club anymore After the Abramovich thing. I think one of the things that's happening is we're taking our narratives about what we know about Chelsea and Applying them over time. We're sort of grabbing the Abramovich era and sort of saying, oh, everything's here. I think the real way to think about Chelsea is that when Abramovich left, when the structure, when, when clear Lake takes over, all the structure of Chelsea is removed. No, marina Graniskaya, no, peter check, no buck, nothing. The Academy, everything is in Exodus. This is a team that has to be rebuilt in Every phase. Everything has to be rebuilt. So there is no culture. So from the outside, we see the crest and we see Stanford Bridge and we see that players and there's been continuity in the fact that they're still in the Premier League, they're still moving on, but everything is gone. There is no there there, and so that's why we're so Disjointed about what this team is. Because they had a focal point. It was Abramovich's Chelsea, it was culture put in my by Mourinho. It was Marina Graniskaya making deals and and understanding all those relationships with Asians and making sure that the club was run Well. It was check on the it bringing continuity. And on the technical side, there was a club there that was there and Tuka won the Champions League with that club. And Then it all rolls back.

You have the Abramovich thing. He's in exile. They take his team away. You have this forced sale process go on and from there Tuka's like I don't want to do this and he says that to Boli and Boli's trying to buy Ronaldo and he's like I'm out of here. This is madness. You guys don't know what you're doing. I didn't sign up to become a Startup CEO of some team. I'm not gonna just be here to do. This is not what I wanted to do. I signed up under these conditions and now we're in these conditions.

So then they go with Potter, who they believe can be a builder. It doesn't work out. They don't know what that first step is. They don't quite understand those moments of you're going into Chelsea football club. Grand Potter has never done this before here. All these players Let me make this as hard as it can possibly be versus let's have something with stability, like let's have the side, have stability, but instead they start buying players like their portfolio assets and stocks, and the whole thing has been no bowling. From there they Potter away and then lampard to take the bullets away from the attack on on Clear Lake. That basically did that on purpose so that they could deflect from their own mistakes. They do put some structure in, but we're not sure who's in charge of what yet. But they're going from zero and so what's happening with Chelsea is they literally bought an academy but it's playing, and now they have Pochettino to try and build the club.

It's going to take a lot of time and I don't know if any of those players are Premier League ready players as individuals, as a unit or as a group. Right, it's one thing to be a young, up and coming player who gets added to the defense or of a stable group. It's one thing to get added to the midfield of a big team that's stable and has partners who've been there together. It's another thing to become the striker, where you replace a previous striker, or a winger where they can bed you in and come in. It's completely another when you have to build an entire units of team, fully new defense. Levi Caldwell coming in, chilwell coming in again all these players Chilwell has actually been there, but Gusto coming in, a whole new midfield, qaisado Fernandez, gallagher never have played together. They're all new, none of them proven at the Premier League level. Qaisado with a veteran group at Brighton, gallagher had a run out with Chelsea, enzo Fernandez, we don't know. The whole front three not connected at all. Only Sterling is just trying to do stuff and Pochettino's got to cut and paste and figure out what the right group is. It's gonna take a while. But Chelsea not looking good, in very, very, very poor shape. I'm gonna check in on our friends at Liverpool. I know that's what everyone wants me to do.

They did have a little bit of a scare in this game, not too badly. It was one-one ending the first half. Sala, of course draws the penalty, aguierre just kicks him. So Sala takes his penalty of course he always does. And then Bowen on the break makes Van Dyke look terrible. Really nice goal by West Ham, a classic West Ham Into Bowen, onto Antonio, out wide to Souffa, into Bowen who stoopes in front of Van Dyke. The thing I think about with that goal is that's a goal that Van Dyke never gives up, ever. It's just not just not one he gives up anymore, but now he does because he's not superhuman, he's just regular old, virtual Van Dyke, but they can feel good about this game. They had the ball.

Matip and Van Dyke is a more normal group. They do have Gomez out because Trent Alexander is still out, but that's some stability in midfield, with McAllister and Slava's eye getting their time together. Nunez missed one and of course, had an amazing flicked goal over the top to Nunez. He tricks it over. So that's how they get the second goal and the third they went to. Where did the third one? Who scored the third goal? Oh, jota, late, of course. Jogo Jota always scores goals. He's such a good little player. He made some funky funky sign for his goal. But really good stuff. The midfields starting to hum. They're starting to connect together. Mcallister did come off, so not sure it was a Kubo that came in to replace him, not sure. Yeah, it was sorry, not Kubo, kubo's. The other guy, they like it was Endo that got a run out and Graven Barak again. So they're starting to work.

The teams in. Klopp was really pleased with this game. He gave the old triple pump to the cop end. So things in Liverpool starting to hum. I think they would probably feel better if they had more control.

And the dreaded David Moyes curse continues. The man is unable to win, unable to win at any big ground. So you know, it's looking, looking good, looking good. Are you ready for the line Against Liverpool alone? Moyes is now winless in 19 away games in the competition, losing his last eight in succession In 72 Premier League visits as a manager to face Arsenal, chelsea, liverpool, man United combined, west Ham. West Ham's David Moyes has won none, drawn 21, lost 51. That doesn't even put in Manchester City. So it's really, really, really, really bad. But you know, you know Liverpool did show that weakness still in the early part of the game. West Ham had a couple of chances, but Liverpool in the second half just got things together, really put things together. So you know, good stuff all around. Liverpool feel good, they're unbeaten. They look like their challenge-y self. But I still think they'll probably continue to work and continue to get better. So that's their thing.

We drive on to the great and powerful Manchester City who for 35 minutes, looked better than any team in world football. Entirely Just playing, toying with their food, as they play, nodding in forest. The first goal came on a 46-pass move and then a ball over the top from Roderick, who was playing as probably the best player in the Premier League. If you don't notice this, he's starting to play the over-the-top ball that Kevin De Bruyne would play, but he's doing it from a central position. So instead of that ball from the half-space, he's doing it over the top and the pass back from Kyle Walker on to Phil Foden, who finished just an amazing, amazing goal. And then the second goal right after that. Erling Holland somehow is unmarked, but it was another amazing move. So City were cruising.

This game looked easy. I was gonna. I was sort of tweeted that to all our forest friends. Hey, you guys are in trouble, you're gonna get your teeth kicked in. This is not going well for you. This is a really, really scary performance. But come with the man, come with the moment.

Early in the second half, early in the second half, rodry gets tangled with our friend Morgan Gibbs White in the corner flag. They have a Toshnell, there's a shove, there's a push. Then Rodry inexplicably puts his arms, his hands, around Morgan Gibbs White's neck. There's a one minute delay and Gibbs White falls to the ground. Then the red comes out and I have to give a lot of credit to Forest.

After the red and City were down, a man, they played really well and City had to defend for their lives and stopped attacking entirely Kevin Phillips. Calvin Phillips had a sighting. None of his teammates passed to him, which was a surprise. But I think City will feel good that there was a really strong defensive performance and I think, ultimately, forest were good. I mean, adoye came on, alangue came on. They went for it. So kudos to them.

It was a tough game. City did not control this game as they would many other games, but now it's a really really good performance and a good win for City. But it comes with a loss. Rodry will be out three games for a straight red. That means he will miss the Arsenal game. Hopefully by then, which is at the end of the three games, hopefully by then Bernardo Silva will be back. So I was really worried because City without Rodry is just like what are we going to do? Who plays that impossible position to play of the deep lying six for City? They'll have to do something else.

they've been recording it in:

Everything is very, very looking like a City winning the league and I don't feel good about that. I prefer that there be a battle and I hope that other teams can get to City's level and I hope City. I don't hope City lose, but I want to race. I don't want to be a romp, I don't want it to be easy. It's no fun that way. I will want to give a shout out to Mateos Nunez, who's been playing for City Gums from Wolves and Boom Bang Bing. He's great. He set up the ball for Holland's goal. Holland had a nice game, nice header Didn't miss anything this time, so he was good about that. But a good game all around. And City move on. They're on maximum points.

Six played, six won, leading the league in goals. Actually, they're not leading the league in goals, that's for my other friends, mr Deservey and Brighton, but really, really good stuff from Manchester City. I enjoy that a lot. Let's sort of get some scores and check in on other games that went on. Brighton won 3-1. They went down a goal. Then on come with the man, come with the hour. Can you imagine Brighton?

Off the bench comes Matoma and Anzou Fati. They're just like, yeah, no, you guys aren't winning this, but I did think that Bournemouth were good. They did present challenges to Brighton. Brighton did give up a goal trying to play out from the back. That was a problem, so a little bit of a tricky one there. But my boys from Brighton do pull this one out. Fati and Matoma hook up playing on the same side. Pull the goals back in the second half after getting a goal from an OG to end the half. Salanki scored for Bournemouth on a mistake, but he did put it away. Nice game for Bournemouth. I like Gary O'Neill, we know this about him. So I rate Bournemouth to stay in the league. But Brighton do move on and do stay in the top three. So we have to start covering them as a top three club. They are leading the league in goals. Just to keep that in mind From other games, the less I talk about this nil-nil between Crystal Palace and Fulham, the better.

Fulham do not have Mitrovic, they're not going to score goals. Jimenez from Mexico cannot play Luton Town. Get their first point. So they have a draw with Wolves. They'll feel hard done. They battered Wolves Really wow. They took 20 shots, four on target. Wolves only had three shots, all three on target. Pedro Neto again keeping his team alive. There was a sending off, bella Guard kicked out after a tangled legs. It felt a little bit unfair. But Luton at home, always fun to watch, always fun to hear that crowd.

So Luton, get their point there on the board and our other friends in the relegation zone, the great and powerful Everton under Sean Dice, go to the AMEX I mean to the GTEC and defeat the powerful Brentford 3-1, the Coray with the first. Then it goes level on Yenton. A really nice goal. He scores Tarkovsky with a header and then the coup de gras on 71. Come with the man, come with the hour. Dominic Calvert-Lewin gets a goal. It was great to see his man bun flopping. He gets his goal.

Beto still a work in progress. You know I love me some Beto. I'm a fan of his. I watched some of this game. Garner. I thought young Garner for Everton played some good crosses. Adresa Gana gay, the quicker he leaves the team the better. He lost the ball so many times at the edge of his box I could have punched him in the face. For Everton fans, I like where they are. They do still have James Harrison to come in and I think Brentford's goals have sort of dried up when Boimo was scoring early, but now he's a little bit long in the tooth. I'm not worried about Brentford, they haven't. You know, they lost the week before and they lost two in a row. They just have games like this in them. Good for Everton, they are all of the bottom three and free.

Okay, today's game, there was a mad, mad, mad game. The great and powerful Newcastle United reassert their credentials beating Sheffield United. Eight nil with eight different skull scores. You ready, I'm going to read them off Long stuff on 21, dan Byrne on 31, sven Bachman on 35, both headers. Callum Wilson on 56, anthony Gordon on 61, al Miron on 68, where he ran through the whole team. Um green Morris on 73 and Alexander Isaac off the bench on 87. That is eight goals from eight different players in amazing, amazing performance. And I think it will get a Higginbotham. Higgin, danny, what is his name? I think it's his name. I got the coach name wrong for um for Sheffield, fired. Frankly, he's going to get fired in this result. Uh, they do have Chris Wilder in the wings, but it does make things much, much more interesting for the Premier League.

Let us go through the table. Your top four city on 18, two points behind them liver pool and then Brighton on 15, with the great and powerful spurs and arsenal level on points. Uh, only goal difference separates them um. Tottenham on plus eight and arsenal on plus five, followed by Villa and West Ham, west Ham losing their last two, slipping out of that great group. And then, in eighth place, the great and powerful new castle United on a plus nine.

United on a minus three, are in ninth three wins, three losses. Followed by Kristen Palace with deuces Wilde two wins, two draws, two losses. They sit in 10th, followed by Fulham, mid table, living a dream forest, in 12th. Brentford 13th, after their two losses in a row. Chelsea in 14th, with just the one win three losses minus one goal difference. Everton off the Schneid in 15th uh, get a much needed win. Wolves 16th. Bournemouth in 17th and our relegation zone sits are promoted clubs Luton, burnley and Sheffield, all on one point. Uh, only goal difference separates them Luton on minus eight, burnley on minus nine, with Sheffield United giving up an eight spot on minus 12. And that, friends, is the end of this week, of this week of on time podcast. We record the show on Sundays. I am part of the top FC radio network. Please like, share and subscribe to show and I will speak to you guys later.

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